I DIDN'T DO IT {A Stolen Tag}

So I maaaay have stolen something.


*knock on door*

*gets up and runs to the door*

Phew, it wasn't the police.

Okay, yeah, I didn't really steal anything important just a tag from Ivie at Ivie Writes. I stole the Evil Author tag. (You can find Ivie's post here)


There are a few rules.

#1: Give all credit to the overlord and creator of the tag, Kate
#2: Give some credit to the one who tagged you. Well, as we have stated above, I stole this from Ivie. BUT SHE SORTA GAVE ME PERMISSION. So, thanks Ivie for giving me permission to steal your tag :D
#3: Tag at least Two people. I'm going to tag Em McKinnon from Maidens For Mary and Farm Lassie from The Rebelling Muse. Hope y'all have fun with this! Now, let me go answer these questions myself. 

1. How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you… feel any remorse about this? I’m concerned about you.

The number of people dead in my stories vary from story to story. Sometimes I'll kill a bunch, and then sometimes I'll feel nice and not kill anyone. As for in real life, I've killed my brother multiple times, but he just keeps reviving. I wonder how he does it.....

2. Do you prefer to use weapons of mass destruction like explosions and famine and world war or more personal torture like killing family and friends and pets?

More personal all the way. The more heartbreaking the better. Although sometimes I do throw in a war or two, but make sure that someone has an emotional death.

3. Are you more like Loki, who perpetrates great evil with a creepy grin, or… give me a minute… Darth Vader, who secretly weeps inside his… fake head, whilst destroying the world?

Em....I guess the latter? I don't really like killing people, but do so for the shock value.

4. What is the most dastardly crime you have ever committed as a writer?

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh................I killed a characters son, had his wife go mad and break my MC's younger daughters leg, killed the wife (not the MC), and then made her (the MC's) husband go missing in the space of a few weeks. I also made a character's brother turn against her.

5. What kind of chocolate do you most like to devour as you burn things? White, milk, semisweet, or dark? Bonus points if you are so evil you find unsweetened cacao palatable!

I like dark, semisweet, and milk chocolate.

6. What is your villainous title? You may not have “Evil Overlord” because that one’s mine.

Um, I'll take Dark Lady of the Sith. :D :D :D
(what are you doing putting smiley faces after naming your evil name! We need to work on your evil skills!)
Obviously, Lina's a lot more evil than I.

7. Which of your characters would actually be a match for you if you were to duke it out one on one?

Let me think a minute.....

(*hold music plays*)

Okay, back. I would have to say a character named Ellie, because she plays the violin (although much better than I) and we're both sarcastic. BATTLE OF THE WITS. 

8. Which character, in all the many books you have undoubtedly written, is most likely to be your Archnemesis?

Probably a traitor Rilban. Because he is a BACKSTABBING LITTLE TRAITOR.

9. Do you wear a cape? Face paint? A mask? Special underpants? Or do you hide in plain sight… like Moriarty? Give me details!

I'm like Moriarty. Hidden in plain sight.

10. How do you react when you have to kill off a character that is dear to you? Do you laugh evilly out loud? Do you chuckle under your breath and quickly glance around for your next victim? Do you go and weep in a corner for a month because you just lost a best friend? Or do you just shrug indifferently?

I actually cry. I love my characters. And I love my characters friends and family. But, again, it's for the shock value.

11. If you had to choose a fictional villain (from book, movies, etc.) to sum up your villainous style as an evil writer, who would it be? Why?

I would have to say Selia from the Goose Girl. Because you think I'm good. Then you know I'm evil, but I can convince you to be calm until BAM, I just killed your favorite character.

12. Do you believe in killing off main characters, or are they your smol precious babies whom you cannot even fathom laying a hand (or steel-tipped ax) upon? (#wimpyevilwriter)


13. Have you ever chickened out of your evilness and tried to resurrect a fallen character whom you have already brutally murdered? Or do you–as they say–let the sleeping skeleton lie?

Yeeees. It hasn't happened yet, but I was going to kill my MC, but chickened out :P

14. When murdering a character, do you often describe it in cringe-worthy detail, or do you prefer to say “SPLAT! He’s dead”, and be done with it? (Bonus Question: have you ever actually said “SPLAT! He’s dead” in one of your writing projects?)

I haven't described a death in much detail.....yet. And I have never said that. 

Welp, it turns out that I'm not that evil (rats) HEY. I hope the two people that I tagged will have fun with this, and may you be eviler than I am! 


  1. oh haha, this tag is going to be fun....*snickers*


    Catherine (Farm Lassie)

    1. I can't wait to see your answers! True colors come out here in this tag xP

  2. Haha, this was fun to read! Btw I tagged you with the Rising Authors tag! :)

    1. Thank you so much! That really made my day :D I'm glad you enjoyed my answers, even though Lina objected that they weren't evil enough :P

  3. Speaking of tags...I nominated you for the Liebester Award! (The post will be up this Saturday, but I know if I don't tell you now I will forget...)

    1. O_O Thank you! I'll make sure to check it out on Saturday! (and now that we're talking about future tags, I'm going to tag you soon. :D)

  4. This tag is so awesome, I'm crying from laughing so hard at your answers!!! XD

    1. I'm glad my ridiculousness is good for something :P I didn't think that my answers were that funny but I'm glad you enjoyed them xD


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