Know the Novel {Part One: Introductory}

The amazing Christine @ Musings of an Elf has created a new link-up called Know the Novel! It's going to have three parts and this is the first!

I really like these questions so I can properly introduce The Scroll of Wisdom! Let's get to it!

1. What first sparked the idea for this novel?

As some of you may recall, last Nano I worked on a novel called the Crown of Light. This is the first book in that series. What really sparked the idea for this is when I decided to link The Crown of Light and Courage For Those Who Have None. Then I changed the worldbuilding a bit. I added in the Magical objects for each country and decided that Myragi and Zirrith (the two countries in Courage For Those Who Have None) used to be one country. I originally hadn't intended to pursue it further but I kept thinking "Why did Myragi and Zirrith go their separate ways?" And The Scroll of Wisdom was born. It's kinda funny (if you think about it) that this book is about the separating of Myragi and Zirrith (previously known as Ilia Couragis) when the MC is a prince from Ilia Scriptura.

2. Share a blurb!

Prince Kile of Ilia Scriptura knows that he will never be king, that boring job is left to his brother. But when a strange turn of events happens and Kile is made the Crown Prince, how will the prince who has lived in frivolity all his life govern the wisest kingdom in Ilia?

3. Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects about the setting?

The first half of the story is set in Ilia Scriptura and the second half is set in Ilia Couragis. My favorite thing about Ilia Scriptura (and we really only see the city of Scriptura) is that it's so secure. There has never been a murmur of dissent against the monarch because they can never doubt that whoever is ruling is the rightful ruler. It's so organized and peaceful. My favorite thing about Ilia Couragis is that it's so wild. Only one-fourth of the country is populated and it gives Ilia Couragis a wild feeling. The people are so passionate and fiery, the Northerners even more than the Southerners.

4. Tell us about your protagonist.

I did this post last week so there's a lot of info about Kile there. But I'll just say some things for the sake of answering this question. Kile is the Prince Royale (which essentially means that he is second-in-line to the throne) of Ilia Scriptura. Stuff happens and he becomes the Crown Prince. Read that post I linked to learn more about him!

5. Who (or what) is the antagonist?

*cough* Well, there isn't a really clear-cut antagonist. I mean like it kinda switches and I can't explain more because #spoilerschildrens.

6. What excites you the most about this novel?

Besides the plot, I'm really excited about the characters and the world. I've done a lot of worldbuilding (still need to do more) and I'm super excited about the world.

7. Is this going to be a series? Standalone? Something else?

This is book one in a 5 book series. As you know I started writing book 3 before book 1 even crossed my mind.


8. Are you plotting? Pantsing? Plansting?

Plotting. I find that I'm more creative and don't get writers' block the more detailed I am.

9. Name a few things that makes this story unique.

I....don't know.....I haven't written this yet and yeah...But something I hope that makes it unique is the story world.


10. Share a fun “extra” of the story (a song or full playlist, some aesthetics, a collage, a Pinterest board, a map you’ve made, a special theme you’re going to incorporate, ANYTHING you want to share!)

I'm going to share a screenshot from my Pinterest board (which you can find if you follow me on Pinterest) and my Spotify playlist :)

How's your Nano planning going? What are you most excited for in your novel? What are you writing for Nano? Tell me everything! 


  1. Ack, this story sounds so GOOD!! Good luck with writing it for NaNo!

    As for my NaNo planning . . . ha ha ha. What planning? XD I started planning it at the beginning of October, but then . . . just stopped. I’ll figure out the rest of the plot later. (Just watch as I complain about not planning enough after November.)

    1. Thanks, Nicole!

      Haha I getchu....I'm still worldbuilding but I may have to do more after November.....

  2. I am just sitting here drooling over your aesthetics! Fantasy and kingdoms and kings and ALL THE FUN THINGS. That's my FAVORITE type of setting. This sounds so, so up my alley!

    And I am totally with you on detailed plotting. I especially go all out for my NaNo novels, because then I won't risk getting writer's block for the month and can just WRITE. Writer's block is the last thing one wants during NaNo. Lol.

    This whole story sounds SO good. I loved reading about it! And thank you so much for joining the linkup! :D That made me so happy!

    I do hope NaNo goes absolutely wonderfully for you!

    1. :DD Thank you!!! :DD

      Yep xD I've only just started doing really detailed outlines and last year for Nano I kept getting stuck and like, "Let's just give them something to eat....."

      Thank you again! And thank you for making this link-up!!!

      Thank you! (for the fourth time xD) I hope your Nano goes great as well!

  3. This sounds so awesome!! I always love it when we find backstories for our worlds and then thunder down those trails. So much fun!!

    1. Thank you! YESSS. Like, it really starts out with a little note that you write but it sticks in your mind and BOOM NEW STORY XD

  4. Wow. Let me just soak that all in for a minute...

    Okay, first I love your naming style. The place names in particular just sound so ethereal. Also, the world-building--gaaaah! I love the way you described the setting. <3

    Looking forward to reading more of this!!!

    (Quick question, though: How do you pronounce Kile exactly? I don't want to have it wrong in my head, you know?)

    1. xD

      Thank you Elanor <33333

      Can't wait to share more!!

      (and it's pronounce like you would normally pronounce Kile xD No overly complicated names this time xDDD)

  5. OoOooOoOh, this story is sounding so cool!!! I can't wait to hear more about it!!! I love the aesthetics and the songs on your playlist. :-D I'm finishing my pirate novel for Nano this year; so we'll see how that goes. XD Good luck to you!

    1. Haha, thanks xDDD Oooh! That sounds really cool! Good luck to you too!!

  6. Emigos, I'm gonna do this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Great post Ceci! Haha, remember the conversation we had that night about all this? 'Twas great :D

    1. Wait a this one only for NaNo-ers? Cause, if it is.... eheh...

    2. Haha yeah xD
      Nope! It's not just for those doing Nano :)

  7. Ceci, this sounds really cool! Incidentally, my NaNo novel also features the second son of a king who is ignored for much of his character childhood until he becomes crown prince (and later king). I love the sound of Ilia Couragis and Ilia Scriptura and your aesthetics are sooo pretty :)
    All the best with NaNo!

    1. Thank you! Oh wow xD That's funny :PP Thank you again!!
      Same to you!!


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