The Goose Girl {Quotes Part 1}

So I've been reading the Goose Girl by Shannon Hale (LIKE ALL THE TIME), HEM, and I'm going to share some of my favorite quotes with you.



Now, onto the quotes! Since there are so many, I' splitting it up into two posts. Maybe the second one will be posted later this week.

~ She was born Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree, and she did not open her eyes for three days. ~

~ Ani looked at the nearest swan straight in one eye. "No more bread. You may go." ~

~ Ani patted her aunt's cheek as though she were the elder of the two. "But you can teach me to speak with the swans." ~

~ They were not to go to the pond because "the young crown princess might fall in and drown, with her face bloated and purple like a sauced plum, would you like that?" ~

~ Falada, I am late. Tirean is gone from her stall. My father must already be riding.
   The boy did not give me enough oats, said Falada. ~

~ "That is wonderful, Anidori," he said with all the force of a proud father. ~

~ He is probably a colt with wobbly legs, said Ani, or an old gelding who slobbers and has to be fed oats by hand. ~

~ "It might help to know where you're lost from, or where you're lost to, if you see my point, and then I could push you in the right direction." ~

~ "You might've told me that you were thirsty and saved my boy Finn the trouble of carrying you in. I suspect you fainted on purpose just to get inside my house and onto a bed. Hmph." ~

~ "There, there now. No more crying. It's all wetness and no comfort at all." ~

~ "I'm sorry," said Ani. "Thank you. You don't have to sleep out there tonight."
"That's certain. My charity lasts about one night on thin hay and then I get tetchy." ~

~ "What's all this?" said the other boy. "She sounds like she's from around Darkened, but she's not from around Darkpond, or we'd know her, you hear me, Finn?" ~

~ "Look now, you dolts," said the girl, "Finn's sure to be carrying a seedcake from Gilsa, and we can't get a crumb of it like this." ~

~ "My name's Tatto. I'm the son of a captain of twenty. That's why I'm a pageboy already, and me with only twelve years."
"Oh," said Ani, "Congratulations."
He narrowed his eyes at her to see if he was catching her in a mocking tone. She shrugged, meaning she did not know if it was a good thing or not to be a pageboy at twelve. He shook his head and muttered, "Forest-born." ~

~ He patted her shoulder, then looked at her quizzically. He touched his eyebrow and smiled at her with the energy of a good, secret joke. She wondered what state they were in, hoping the charcoal had not smeared. ~

~ "Name's Conrad," he said, "I keep the geese."
"Kiss her," someone shouted over the din of breakfast.
Conrad jerked his head toward the yeller and yelled back, "Shut it or I'll stuff your nose holes full of breakfast, and I'll clean it and you off the floor until next morning if I have to." ~

~ Ani's thoughts were pulled back to the moment by a loud, unlovely honk. A broad-headed gander stepped out of the pen and knocked Ani's leg with his beak. She tumbled backward in surprise and landed on her backside. ~

~ "Quick. Razo. Beier. That sulky old ram . . .he beat down a hole in his pen . . .got into my chick coop . . .I tried to stop him, but I-" 
Without a word, two of the boys grabbed the nearest crooks and fled the hall. The door shut and the girl faced the hall. Immediately Ani noticed that the girl's expression changed. She no longer fought for breath, and a creeping smile pressed dimples into her cheeks. "But I couldn't stop him because I was so busy rigging a bucket of oat mush above the door." ~

~ "It's a payback," she said, grabbing a cold bean pie. "They put colored eggs in one of my chickens' nests for a week. I poured every medicine I knew down that poor hen's throat and laid witch-bought charms around her nest until I finally spotted a bit of point on some hay. Devilish, they are." ~

~ "I did tell about it to those who shut up and listened, so shut it now and I'll tell. It was two weeks or so ago, and I was heading to the apothecary near the city gate for what I thought was a sick chicken, and the Streets were all lined with people." ~

~ The door swung open with force, its knob thumping against the wall. Razo, a short buy with a dark, defiant head of hair and an expressive face that was a grim and severer then, stood with hands in fists. Beier stood behind him, holding their unused staffs. Their hair and shoulders were dripping with a gray slop. ~

~ "I guess I have overstepped myself, and you've every right to be angry at me, if you're angry, of which I'm not entirely certain, since you seem to be laughing at the same time." ~

~ "Oh, you might think I'm trying to pawn off my job of breaking him onto you. I can pay you. I think. I'm unfamiliar with this kind of business. How much would be fair?" 
Ani covered her hand, and the man groaned and muttered angrily at himself, "Blast, I've done something again. You don't offer to pay ladies. You've insulted her again, you daft, clumsy brute." ~

~ Ani found Conrad in a group playing at pick-up sticks, and she asked him if they were to go to the fields.
"Maybe," he said.

"Thank you so much, Sir Helpful One," said Enna. ~

~ "That's true," said Razo. "I haven't heard much of strange stories for years, and when Ideca served us rotten cold bean soup for the third time last week, I couldn't believe it myself." ~

~ "Another lost supplicant? Moseying about the horse grounds like it was your own court." ~

~ "I can see that one can never pay back Gilsa for the fear that she will give again." ~

~ "I'm such a dunce, truly I am, and I went home that night after we spoke and you rode the horse, and I made that terrible error, made you feel as though I thought you were of less worth than a stone, I'm sure. Well, you know, I felt like a kingly dolt, as I should've. I hadn't a right to come here and ride around like a fool and insult you and leave without explanation, except that I've never met a goose girl before, and you're not what I expected, though that's no explanation, I know. Still, I thought I'd better come back and bring you flowers, because I read that a gentleman gives a lady flowers, and I thought maybe I'm not a gentleman, but no reason not to treat you like a lady, isn't that so?" ~

~  "Well, the rain made them a mess, the flowers, half of them bald of petals and the stems weak as noodles, and I was beginning to think that flowers were a silly idea, that you'd think, I don't know what, but I kept them all week because the last couple of days I couldn't escape to come and explain, and yesterday the flowers just flat died. So when I left today I didn't have any flowers, and wasn't sure I'd find you anyhow, so I grabbed what I could find, and it was food." ~

~ Jok rushed towards her, honking all the way as though he would bite her, but she honked once to stop his advance, and he turned and waddled away.
"What was all that?" asked Geric, standing. ~

~ "Well, I'll have none of that, some brazen bird speaking harsh words to his mistress. After all, I'm a gentleman." He struck out his tongue in an ungentlemanly face and ran after Jok. The goose soon realized he was being pursued and fled across the field, flying in short spurts and running as fast as his flat fleet could propel him. Geric slipped once on the wet grass but quickly regained his feet and grabbed Jok around the middle. ~

~ "It's time for an apology," he said, walking back to the beech with Jok in hand, "I've become an expert in apologies today, so I know, little brother, that it's time." ~

~ "I'm sorry, my lady," said Geric, rubbing his arm, "but I failed to force an apology out of the offending goose." 
"You're not likely to, either. He's a naughty bird. They all are."
"Poor company."
"Oh, but I like my geese. Like cats, they can't be told what to do, and like dogs, they're loyal, and like people, they talk every chance they get."
"Though they'll not deliver half so good an apology as I do." ~

~ "Easy, easy, my lady, for your tongue's losing its gentility from speaking too long to geese." ~

~ "By the way, Geric, um, did you see my shift that first day, when I rode the bay?" ~

~ "I won," said Geric, fighting to speak while exhaling.
"You . . .did . . .not," said Ani, "And your horse is taller." ~

~ "I know," she said, "I won't tell anyone. You'll see that I won't. And Isi . . .can I still call you Isi? It fits you. I want to tell you how I believe you. I don't know why. I wouldn't believe Razo if he pricked his finger and told me he was bleeding, and your story's almost as crazy as your bedtime tales, but I really do believe you. And when you get tired of worrying and mourning your horse and trying not to be afraid, tell me and I'll do it for you a while so you can shut your eyes and sleep peaceful." ~

~ "Right now I'd like all my troubles to stand in front of me in a straight line, and one by one I'd give each a black eye." ~

~ "I saw my ma do that once" - he ointed at the tree trunk - "but to a milk pail. Kicked and chased it clear across the yard, crushed it to a ball of metal. Really." ~

~ Ideca scowled at the thought, as though too many yellow girls could ruin anyone's day. ~

I hope you enjoyed these! Like I said before, I'll try to post the rest of the quotes later this week!

Names And Quirks \\ Introducing Lina

     Okay, so, by now, you will have probably noticed something different.




Well, perhaps none of you really notice the names on this blog, but I have changed mine to Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee.


Okay, for real life (no, for fake life) - HUSH, I'LL GET TO YOU IN A MOMENT - the reason I chose to change my name here is because I've been reading the Goose Girl by Shannon Hale




I've named a couple other stuff, and I'm going to be sharing those names with you and telling some of my quirks.



I'm also going to introduce Lina.

Who is this Lina you say? Well, she is the sarcastic, know-it-all, smart Alec side of my brain. You know, that voice in your head? I've been having a feeling that she's going to be showing up some more so I guess you want to know her name.



I've named my Grammarly app Grammar Nazi..he...he


In a story of mine, I had two of my characters name their metronomes...


After complaining several years of having the same metronome for about 9 years, my dad bought two new metronomes. And I'm still using my original metronome... (NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT HERE)

that isn't my metronome btw


I've just named my laptop Harriet.....

that's the type of laptop I have 

Okay, welp, that's all for now! Do you have any special names or quirks? I would love to hear them!

*closes laptop and walks away*

*dark shadow creeps up and opens laptop*


Well, let me tell you everything that she hasn't told you about herself. 

1: She didn't want to pass out pencils last week in orchestra
2: She once dropped a gallon of milk
3: She falls in love with book heroes very quickly.

Let me name a few of those: Geric, Char, Ijori, Bear, Razo, Rhys, Wilem, Aragorn, Legolas, Fi-


*shoves shadow away*


Okay, now I really should go before you call the cops.


Tolkien Blog Party 2017!

     Hello, my amazing and fabulous readers! *bows* Today I am filling out my answers to Hamlette's  Tolkien Blog Party questions! I'm really excited! So let's go!

1. How long have you been a Tolkien fan?


Now it is time that I go hide in the cone of shame.

Anywhoosies, I guess maybe two years? (if I'm feeling generous) I listened to the Hobbit on tape about two years ago and liked it, but thought nothing more of it. But I read the Lord of the Rings over the last week of summer and then saw the movies (yes, the extended ones) the three days before school started. So I guess I've been a "Tolkien fan" for like two months (and yes, if I'm feeling generous)



2. Has your love of Middle-Earth affected your life?


Well, it certainly has made me think more about my faith. As I was reading, I kept seeing parallels to my Catholic faith, and I really enjoyed that. Even though Tolkien said that the Lord of the Rings wasn't a parallel to anything, my dad told me that someone asked Tolkien to summarize the Lord of the Rings (or something like that) and he replied that you could find it all in the Nicene Creed.

Cool, no?

3. If you had to take the One Ring to Mordor, which character would you choose for your sole companion?

Aragorn. Don't know exactly why (besides his awesome scout and sword skills) but him.

Or Gandalf. It never hurts to have a wizard at your side while going deep into a horrible land with giant spiders, creepy orcs, and a giant eye.

4. Which is scarier, Shelob or the Balrog?


I have trouble squishing tiny spiders, so Shelob is like my worst nightmare


5. Which two towers do you think Tolkien was referring to in the title The Two Towers? (i.e. Orthanc, Barad-dûr, Cirith Ungol, Minas Morgul, or Minas Tirith)

I think Orthanc and Barad-dûr. Because didn't Gandalf say something to the effect that Saruman was trying to make Orthanc look like Barad-dûr?

6. Whose wardrobe would you like to have?

Oh, this is easy, Gollum's.

Just kidding :P

Probably Arwen's.

7. What do you think Ent Draught would taste like?

I actually think that it would taste like ice-cold water. You know, the type that's not too cold but not too hot and feels SUPER good going down your throat?

8. Where is Middle-Earth would you like to live?

Probably either the Shire, Rivendell, Gondor, or Rohan.

Wow, that was a definitive answer.

9. Do you have any Tolkien-related opinions that surprise other people?

Actually, I said that I liked Pippin better than Merry and this one girl said that I was the first person she had known to say that. O_O


Pippin is way better than Merry.

10. List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotations from the books or movies.

Before I overwhelm you, Imma just gonna say that my one of my favorite scenes is when Aragorn sees Arwen at his coronation.

But that isn't a line/quotation, so here we go.

you'll probably see a whole lot of these again during my Fellowship of the Ring week--whenever that happens.

If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to check our Hamelette's blog here. Remember to check out her Tolkien Blog Party post and check out her amazing giveaway.

Weeeell, that's all for now!

Music Analysis: Light Your Heart

     Can I first say how much I honestly love this song? 

     And probably more than that. 

     If you're wondering "What in the world is this thing you call 'music analysis'" let me explain. 

     So I was prodigiously cleaning out my closet one day (a three times a year task, it gets really messy) while listening to an audio drama of The Shadow of the Bear by Regina Doman, when I finished the audio drama. I was listening to it on FORMED, so I scrolled around instead of folding my shirts. Then I saw a podcast titled, Is God on Your iPod? 
It looked interesting, so I put it on. 

    Wow, it was really good. The speaker there said that "good" music is music that sounds good, and conveys a good message.

    So that, in a nutshell, is Music Analysis. I will pick out a random (not so random) song and see if it qualifies as a good song. I'm also doing this because some people (who go to the extreme) seem to think that if the music is classified as "pop" music, then it's 100% bad, which it isn't. There are plenty examples of wonder, uplifting, music that isn't Christian Contemporary. 

     Now, the song that we're going to look at is called Light Your Heart by Jorge Blanco. He sings it in a movie about Violetta. Very good movie (although they only have the English dub on Netflix 😑)


     I got a pair of Bobs, they are sooooo comfortable. And that is totally not related :P

     So, this post is going to be divided into two parts. The first part will be shorter, as we will simply assess if it sounds good or not. Then, I'm going to post the lyrics, occasionally saying something in between a verse, and then give my thoughts on it. Finally, we shall see the verdict.

Does it sound good?

     Light Your Heart has a very good beat and tune. It's easily one of my favorite songs (a very rare thing, I'm VERY indecisive). 

Music Rating:

(*jazz hands*) 
Five Stars 

Do the lyrics convey a good message?

On the night street lights are gone

I'll be the sun so your dreams can run

Light your heart yeah, light your heart up
Light your heart yeah, light your heart up
When the waves go take you out
I'll be the sound that drowns the crowd
When you get yeah, when you get down
We're gonna sing sing sing
We got this fire in us that runs deeper than blood
So if you ever doubt, you should know by now
Whatever stars you're looking at tonight
On top of the world or alone inside
I'll always be there for you
I'll always be there for you
Whatever place no matter where you are
Even when life tries to take your spark
Nothing I wouldn't do
To light your heart
For you... for you
I'll light your heart
For you... for you
I'll light your heart
On the wire just holding on
I'll be the one when the walk is long
Till the dark yeah, till the dark falls
Till the dark yeah, till the dark falls
Fight for ya when you don't believe
Storm the kingdom and take the keys
Even when you can't see I'll light your heart
Whatever stars you're looking at tonight
On top of the world or alone inside
I'll always be there for you
I'll always be there for you
Whatever place no matter where you are
Even when life tries to take your spark
Nothing I wouldn't do
To light your heart
For you... for you
I'll light your heart
For you... for you
I'll light your heart
No matter what tomorrow brings,
We got each other through everything
No matter what tomorrow brings,
We got each other we sing, sing, sing
No matter what tomorrow brings,
We got each other through everything
No matter what tomorrow brings,
We got each other we sing, sing, sing
I'll always be there for you
I'll always be there for you
Whatever stars you're looking at tonight
On top of the world or alone inside
I'll always be there for you
I'll always be there for you
Whatever place no matter where you are
Even when life tries to take your spark
Nothing I wouldn't do
To light your heart
For you... for you
I'll light your heart
For you... for you
I'll light your heart
For you... for you

     So, my thoughts on it. 

     In the movie, Jorge Blanco plays León, the "love interest". So obviously this song is for her. But let's look at it not within the context of the movie. 

(this will probably be just a lot of rambling but bear with me)

     The main message of this song (at least from my vantage) is faithfulness. The statement "I'll always be there for you" is repeated 8 times throughout the song. And then the rest of the lyrics give the impression of faithfulness also. Especially this verse: 

No matter what tomorrow brings,

We got each other through everything

No matter what tomorrow brings,
We got each other we sing, sing, sing

     In fact, if you think about it, this song is about an ideal relationship. 

     It speaks (or sings) about helping each other out, even when the other person feels down, always being there for each other, fighting for one another, and always being there, no matter if you're, "On top of the world or alone inside".

Lyric rating:

So, what do I rate this song overall? Well, the music is great, the message the lyrics convey even better, so, I will rate this

I heartily recommend this. This is an example of good pop music.

And, for your conviniance, I will post a video of Light Your Heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month: Septmeber

New idea!

So, every month, I'm going to choose someone to be the "Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month" and then have them answer some questions.

Got it?


The Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month for September is . . .


Yay! In the RAAC (reckless and awesome club) Lindsay is the mother, and I am privileged to be her daughter :D Well, to the questions! 

#1: What is the most reckless and awesome thing you have done? 

Answer: Hmm, that's a hard question. I'm not entirely sure. It was probably when I flipped off of an ATV (also known as four-wheeler or quad) when I was 12....I've also done several others of lesser reckless value, but that one's probably the best. Although it ended in a banged up head, cut lip, and chipped tooth. The doctor thought maybe I messed up a small section of my spine, but so far, I have had no issues, and we are thinking that after a week in a neck brace, it helped it heal if there was any problem at all.

#2: Corner or middle seat on the couch? 

Answer: This question has only one answer, and it really shouldn't be a question. ;) Corner seats are life. :P 

#3: Favorite book? Why? (yes, I’m evil :P) 

Answer: Well, I think the series I enjoyed the most was the Hunger Games. I loved the action throughout the entire series, the change from bad to good in the government, the romance, and the characters are great.

#4: Favorite school subject? Why? 

Answer: Right now I like Chemistry and Biology. I am not sure why, seeing as I have NEVER liked a science before in my life.

#5: Can you profess your undying love towards chocolate milk?

Answer: Chocolate milk is something that is constantly amazing. I am not even kidding. You can get chocolate milk for normal milk, and it's delicious. You can get chocolate almond milk and it increases the flavor immensely. Or there is even lactose-free chocolate milk, and THAT tastes like heaven. You literally can't ruin chocolate milk. It's always amazing.

#6: Favorite music genre? Artist? Song?

Answer: My favorite genre is country music, and second is pop. Favorite artist is Randy Houser, but a close second is the band AJR or Pentatonix. My favorite song is "Song Number 7" by Randy Houser. <3 

#7: Cats or dogs? Why? 

Answer: Dogs. For. Life. <3 Dogs are more dependent on people, so they are much easier to love on and have a relationship of sorts with them. They are almost always adorable (excepting chihuahuas). They aren't as sassy as cats. They are also much nicer than cats. I seriously don't understand how anyone would like cats more. :P

#8: Favorite Disney sidekick? Why? 

Answer: This. Is. A. Really. Hard. Question. I think I would have to say Mushu from Mulan because he's just too funny. I love his quotes, he is there for Mulan in the end, and he's also so sweet. He is the best.

(Ceci here, I just couldn't help inserting so many gifs :P)

#9: Favorite food? Why? 

Answer: I am going to hate you at the end of this interview, Chicka. ;) You ask too many terribly hard questions. Anyways. Pizza or hamburgers are my favorite. I like them really just can't go wrong with them, ya know? Pizza has a delicious crust, and you can put so many awesome toppings on it. Hamburgers just taste AMAZING. 

#10: Are you a nightingale or a morning bird? 

Answer: Nightingale all the way. Staying up late is so much fun. :) 

#11: Have you read LotR? If so, do you like it? 

Answer: Yes I have read LotR. I didn't like it very much when I read it, but that was because I really didn't have much respect for the writing style. I am going to re-read it at some point, and hopefully I'll like it better.

#12: Favorite LotR book and character? Why? 

Answer: Out of the books, I enjoyed the Two Towers the most, I think. My favorite character has always been Legolas, because....he's I need a better explanation? :P

#13: Have you seen the LotR movies? Which ones? Did you like it? 

Answer: I love every movie I've seen (except Snow White), so yes, I loved the movies. I need to watch those movies again, now that you bring them up. 

#14: Favorite movie and character? Why?

Answer: My favorite movie was probably Return of the King....yeah. And Legolas is my favorite movie character from LotR, for the same reason as why I like Legolas from the books. :P 

And that wraps up the interview. I hope you all enjoyed it, Lindsay is amazing! Bye!