And So It Begins...

     Today is the first day of school. Granted, I am writing this a few days before school starts but I'm posting this on the first day of school.

     Today is my . . .

     Yup, that's my desk :D It's not usually that clean . . . (much to my mother's chagrin . . . oops)

     I also wanted to say that I have been most infrequent in posting (like you didn't already know that) but it will be even more infrequent because of school. I'll still post every now and then, but, I am working on a series of posts that I think you shall like.

(Gives us a sneak peek)




     Um . . . yeah . . . Gollum puppy eyes aren't the best thing to get someone to do as you say . . ..

     FINE! Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on . . .

     Yes! I am going to dedicate a whole week to the Fellowship of the Ring! But, I don't know when that week is going to come. It could be in the near future . . . or it could be in the far (very far) future! I want to write all the posts before the week starts. But please check back regularly, I will (hopefully) have more posts!

Be A Rebel #2: Teen Creed

     So I went to a local religious store to find my cousin a gift for her confirmation. And I saw this bookmark with an awesome poem on it. I bought one for her and one for myself. Here's the poem.

Teen Creed

~ * ~

Don't let your parents down,
They brought you up.

Be humble enough to obey,
You may give orders someday.

Choose companions with care,
You become what they are.

Guard your thoughts,
What you think, you are.

Choose only a date
Who would make a good mate.

Be master of your habits,
Or they will master you.

Don't be a show off when you drive,
Drive with safety and arrive.

Don't let the crowd pressure you,
Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

     So, in this post, I'm going to analyze this poem stanza by stanza.

Don't let your parents down,
They brought you up.

     This can relate back to the first Rebel post. Teenagers think that they can behave "moody" and get let off the hook because everyone thinks that's how a teenager is. How is this letting your parents down? Don't you think that they're disappointed that you act like the world wants you to? Don't you think that they want you to be rebels? It disappoints them because they expect so much more of you. And they do because they know that you are capable of it. 

Be humble enough to obey,
You may give orders someday. 

     It doesn't matter if you're disobeying your parents, teachers, grandparents, or boss, it's the same thing. Have you heard the saying, "Do to others what you would have them do to you"? It's the golden rule, no? Well, imagine that you are that parent, teacher, boss, don't you want your charges to obey you? Then follow the golden rule, but the obedience version. 

Choose companions with care,
You become what they are.

      Have you ever noticed that if you hang out with a certain friend, you start acting sorta like they do? It's true. That's why you should choose friends that have a good influence on your life. And be the reciprocal of that. Be a good influence on your friends. You never know who might need it. 

Guard your thoughts,
What you think, you are.

     This is just like hanging out with friends. If you listen to a certain genre of music, watch a certain type of movies, or read a certain category of books, your actions will look more like the ones those things promote. This is especially true for your eyes. My mom always tells me to "guard my eyes". There must be a certain reason for that if she tells me all the time. 

Choose only a date,
Who would make a good mate.

      Now, I have never been on a date, so this one is a little hard for me. But, this is what I can grasp. If there is this person that asks you out on a date, and you know that said person isn't the best, but you accept just 'cause, what do you think is going to happen? This is something that you should think when you go out on a date, "Don't do what you don't want your future spouse doing." Do you want your future spouse to get into a lot of bad things? Or do you want a spouse that fought for his chastity? A spouse that prepared himself to be an excellent husband or wife and parent? Think about it. 

Be a master of your habits,
Or they will master you.

     This is why forming good habits is so important. And it's also why breaking bad one is so hard. A habit once formed is hard to break. So let's form good habits. Habits that will help - and not hinder -  your life.

Don't be a show off when you drive,
Drive with safety and arrive.

     I can't drive. And the meaning of this one is fairly obvious. Don't be a reckless driver. Don't let your life go to waste because of one day that you failed to follow the rules of the road and it ended very badly.

Don't let the crowd pressure you, 
Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

     This is the same principle as the one about friends. Don't be afraid to be that person that stands outside of the group because you won't fall to peer pressure and do something that you know you'll regret. 

     So, what did y'all think? Please let me know if you think of anything else to add. And please check back, I have more coming :D

Movie Review: StarStruck

This is the first movie review I have ever done, so bear with me if it turns out like a total trainwreck. The way I'm thinking that I'm going to review movies is this: characters (and their growth), plot (pros and cons), content, quotes, and overall favorite character. 

The movie I am going to try to review today is . . .


So, in my opinion, this is one of Disney's amazing movies that doesn't get enough attention. My siblings and I stumbled upon it one day when I was babysitting them, and we loved it. 

In a nutshell, it's a feel good, light on the romance, typical Disney film. It has a lot of those "finding out who you truly are" moments that make Disney movies well known.

Now, I will warn you, that there will be spoilers. Lots of spoilers. But I will (try to) give you WARNING.

Finally, we can move onto the review.


Christopher Wilde: A lot of major character growth here. In the beginning, he is your "typical teenage celebrity". Meaning: He has a sort of a "warped sense of reality". He doesn't really get what "normal" people have to live through. Christopher thinks that everyone likes him, and is shocked when Jessica tells him that she's not "his fan". But as the movie progresses, you see that he doesn't want to disappoint anyone. And, at the very end *SPOILER ALERT* he gives up his movie deal for Jessica *END OF SPOILER* So yeah, he realizes that he has to make his own decisions because it's his life. As for his looks (yeah, that's important) HOLY COW. STERLING KNIGHT HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES EVER.


Jessica Olsen: Pretty much the opposite of Christopher. Just like he thinks he knows everything about "normal" people but he actually doesn't, Jessica thinks that she knows exactly how a celebrity life is, and Christopher shows her what it actually is. Not a ton of character growth, but still a lot. Plus, Danielle Campbell is GORGEOUS!!


Stubby: Apart from giving some heart felt advice and eating food, Stubby isn't in the movie that often. 


Sara Olsen: She's Jessica's "Christopher Wilde's fanatic fangirl" sister. Even though she is a secondary character, she has more character growth than Jessica. *SPOILER ALERT* She goes from ignoring Jessica to really caring for her, well, sort of. *END OF SPOILER* 

Jessica's Grandma: She's Mrs. Olsen's mom but I never figured out her name . . . But she comforted Jessica after CHRISTOPHER did something. I WILL NOT SPOIL IT.

Aaaaand, there are no pictures of her.

Harold: He kinda felt like he was the adorable teddy bear of the movie. And I could never figure out if he was Grandma's boyfriend or just a friend . . .

None of him also.

Mr. and Mrs. Olsen: They were good parents that worried about their children. And when they get back from their trip, they are genuinely worried about Jessica. 

None of them. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilde: Now these peoples, like Christopher said, since they were his managers, they cared more about the celebrity part of him.

Gueesss whhaaaat!! None of them

Libby Lam: Soooo....she was just annoying in the beginning but she came around (sorta) at the end.

You can't see her face but she's the reporter standing in front of Jessica        

Alan I-Forgot-His-Last-Name: If there was a 'villain' to this story, it would be Alan. 

I don't even have to explain why there isn't one of him. 

Alexis Bender: Christopher's shallow actress girlfriend. They don't really care for one another and *SPOILER ALERT* I find it pretty ridiculous that she goes to bash him about Jessica and then tells him that she has a date with Zac (and I'm thinking, "Zac Efron Zac???" *END OF SPOILER* 


AJ: She's probably in the movie for only 10 minutes.She's mean and quite ugly. 'Nuff said. 


And I think I've gotten all of the characters....



Here is the synopsis of the movie (so you sorta get what I'm saying later on :P):

The Disney Channel movie, StarStruck, follows Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell) on her family trip to Los Angeles. Jessica accompanies her sister on a series of excursions to find the superstar, Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight). The seemingly ridiculous attempts to find her sister's crush takes an unexpected turn when Jessica meets Christopher and learns there is so much more to the superstar than what meets the eye.

As I told you, it's a Disney movie.




It is reeeally funny. Jessica is so sarcastic (like somebody else I know, *coughcough*), and Christopher and hers (is that even proper grammar?) banter is really funny.

It's pretty fast paced, so it doesn't drag a lot.


Jessica's facial expressions are ridiculous.


THE MUSIC. Yes, Christopher is a singer, so obviously there have to be some songs. HERO. FINISH READING THIS AND THEN GO LISTEN TO IT. ACTUALLY. I'LL JUST PUT IT AT THE END OF THIS POST.

*hem* Sorry for that outbreak :P

I really can't think of anything else to say.....





It's a Disney movie, it has a few "Cheesy" moments that make you roll your eyes and say, "Seriously Disney? How stereotypical of you Disney!"


Sorry for the bad quality. This is one of the times they were interrupted. 

Done with rant :D

But that is basically all the cons.


As said before (three times) it's a Disney movie. "But Disney has been getting cuckoo lately Ceci" you may be saying. Yes. Yes, it has. But let me rephrase myself. It's a Disney movie made in 2010. That's when Disney Movies were still fairly enjoyable. 

Back to the point here. It's clean (obviously). But it does have two scenes where Christopher goes to a night club called Under 21. The first time to "hang out" {nothing happens in that scene except that paparazzi come) and the second time to sing for Alexis Bender's birthday party. And that's all they show about the night club so yeah...

QUOTES (in chronological order) (sorta)

"Jessica: You don't even know him!
Sara: I know everything about him! I'm a member of his original fan club!"
(there is more to this quote and I didn't exactly quote it right)

"Stubby: We should be chilling at that party your parents are hosting

Christopher: Since when do you want to party with my parents?
Stubby: The caterers are from Argentina. There's going to be steak - for dessert!
Christopher: Ooh, tempting"

~I'm just looking forward to being grounded till I'm 30!~


"Jessica: Just take me home!
Christopher: I will! (*takes breath*) I just have to make a teeny tiny stop"

"Christopher: Just...stay!

Jessica: Woof"

"Christopher: How did you find me?

Jessica: The hat
Christopher: You're right, it does smell like fish
Jessica: Nope, that's you"

"Jessica: You drive like my grandpa!

Christopher: And you look my grandma!"

~You killed Petunia!~


"Christopher: Well, let me tell you something about myself that no one knows
Jessica: You collect your toenails in a pickle jar?
Christopher: What? No!"

"Jessica: Okay, so comedy, not your next big career move

Christopher: What? I'm funny!
Jessica: Funny looking"

"Jessica: You're pretty amazing too

Christopher: Really?
Jessica: Yeah, I mean, you are a horrible driver! And that's amazing, especially for a guy who has five cars!
Christopher: Oh, no! Not this again!"

Isn't it adorable how he calls her Jess?!

"Stubby: Are you okay?
Christopher: Yeah, I just can't get her out of my head
Stubby: Yeah, me neither. I mean, she cacked all over my shoes." 

~Silly, those things only happen in movies, this is real life~
Alexis Bender
(I find this quote ridiculous since it's a movie quote xP)


Jessica Olsen

She is really strong and determined to work hard. She also has no problem telling people that they are wrong when they are. 

But I still love Christopher <3 And I just have to include this gif

EDIT: So, I just realized that I forgot to give StarStruck an overall rating (wow, nice one Ceci). 


Five Stars, it's a nice, clean, family friendly movie that even teen girls (I am proof that they will like it) will love. 

Short Stories #3: Fall Sickness

Here is the third story!

      I've lived in this town my whole life, and most of the time that's fine by me. But in late fall when the sky fills with birds migrating south for the winter, traveling thousands of miles, I get homesick for places I've never been. Places like (prompt ends here) Florida or Georgia. They say it's very colorful there. That's what our town needs, color. 
     All you see is the same dull brown when you look out onto the prairie. When Grandma was alive, she would try to grow flowers. 
     I never really cared about the missing colors until fall. Then the longing starts. It's so strong that I'm sick all fall. People say it's consumption, but I know better. Because, when winter comes, I get better.
     I always try suggesting a place to go to Mom. But she always busies her shaking hands and says, "I don't know Carrie, maybe when your father comes home. Yes, when he comes home we'll be able to do more things. He always said -"
     She'd  continue comforting herself by retelling all her memories of him. The truth is that my dad is in prison. He got in prison because his boss cheated him with his salary. Dad is an honest man that can't bear it when another human being cheats. So fists flew and you know what happens next.
     One day, after being refused again by my mother, someone knocked on the door. I opened the door coughing violently.
     "Carrie?" a deep voice says.
     It's my dad.
     "Dad?" I say, "How did you get out?"
     "We proved that my boss was guilty."
     I cough again.
     "Is it the fall sickness again?" he asks.
     I nod.
     "Where could we go to make it better?" he asks. I smile.
      "Florida," I whisper.

The End

Feedback? Criticisms? Questions? Let me know below! 

13 Reasons Why . . . You Should Watch Violetta

     Violetta is one of my favorite shows of all time (I will tell you that it is in Spanish). I won't explain the plot in this post (maybe in another one I will) because I want you to go watch it. It's really good (just please don't watch the English dub, watch it in Spanish with subtitles).
     It also has 3 seasons with 80 episodes in each season and each episode being like 45 minutes long (it took me almost six months to finish watching it all, but I did take a big break at one point), so it should last you a while. But not many people have seen it.
     So, here are

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch Violetta

1) It is very entertaining
     It really gets you hooked. You just want to see what is going to happen next. And, at the end of each episode, it has sorta like something that tells you what is going to happen in the next episode. Here's an example (it probably won't make sense to you guys since you don't know what happened before):

2) The actors are very talented
     About 95% of the acting is really good, and they all dance wonderfully and have amazing voices. 

3. The songs are really good
     They are. And they are catchy. This is one of the songs that the boy band sings. It's called Mi Princesa:

They even have some in English. Like this one called Underneath It All:

(More posts on this later)

4) It gets better as it goes on
     Okay, I will admit, that in the beginning, it's sorta meh. But, the acting gets A TON better by the time you finish the series. 

5) It teaches the consequences of lying
     As cheesy as it sounds, it does. It shows you that you can't lie and get away with it.

6) It shows that you have to live up to your actions
     The main character, Violetta, lies every now and then (and there is a fairly good reason for her doing it, she doesn't lie for no reason). But when she is discovered, she always lives up to her actions. She doesn't try to shirk from the consequences. 

7) It shows forgiveness
     Every time that someone messes up (like Violetta), they are forgiven. Because they are truly sorry.  And that really does happen in real life. After people see that you really are sorry, they do forgive you. 

8) It shows that you can complete your dreams if you work hard
     Which also happens in real life. The characters work really hard to become professional singers.

9) The cast isn't entirely bad looking
C'mon. They are pretty good looking. Especially Leon. <3

10) It has romance that isn't baby-like but not too mature
      Violetta and Leon date throughout the series (with a few breakups) but there are other couples. And Violetta and Leon together make a perfect pair. 
                                                      Am I right, or am I right?

11) It's funny
     Especially Andres, who - let's just say - isn't exactly known for his brains xD

12) There is good character development
     The characters really grow and develop as the series goes on. And it's really noticeable. (More posts on this later) 

13) You get really attached to the characters. 
     You really do! They really grow on you.

     Now that I've finally found a place to let out all my pent in fangirling, PLEASE GO WATCH IT. You won't regret it! And, if you have seen it, do you agree with my points? Disagree? thought of any more?