And So It Begins...

     Today is the first day of school. Granted, I am writing this a few days before school starts but I'm posting this on the first day of school.

     Today is my . . .

     Yup, that's my desk :D It's not usually that clean . . . (much to my mother's chagrin . . . oops)

     I also wanted to say that I have been most infrequent in posting (like you didn't already know that) but it will be even more infrequent because of school. I'll still post every now and then, but, I am working on a series of posts that I think you shall like.

(Gives us a sneak peek)




     Um . . . yeah . . . Gollum puppy eyes aren't the best thing to get someone to do as you say . . ..

     FINE! Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on . . .

     Yes! I am going to dedicate a whole week to the Fellowship of the Ring! But, I don't know when that week is going to come. It could be in the near future . . . or it could be in the far (very far) future! I want to write all the posts before the week starts. But please check back regularly, I will (hopefully) have more posts!


Heylo there! I see that you're about to comment, thank you! I have comment moderation on posts older than 6 days only so that I won't miss it, it has happened you know.