I finally tell you what I wrote for Nano + My official word count (oh gosh) + New story idea???

That was totally not a long title.


I'm in a sarcastic mode because of SOMETHING (*glares at geometry and biology books*)

No joke y'all, those are my two biggest school books. But let's move on.

I worked on my fantasy story (that I had already started) The Crown of Light (dun dun dun). And guys, I was calculating approximately how big this was going to be....and it will be like 93k words O_O But I guess I'll give you more info on it without spoilers and you tell me if you like it. And! An excerpt at the end of this post!


*pushes Lina out of sight of the camera*

He, he.....

Name: The Crown of Light

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: The crown is stolen. A princess is sent out into hiding, she must regain her crown and kingdom. She goes on a quest, making friends and enemies. What happens when the enemy isn't who everyone expects it to be?


Awyeria: My FMC. She's the princess that is sent into hiding

Queen Ia'sayi: Awyeria's mom

King Torhonvor: Awyeria's dad

Princess Inaess: Awyeria sister who thought that Awyeria was dead

Lord Tiadan: He raised Awyeria and trained her

Lady Taia: Lord Tiadan's wife, she taught Awyeria courtly things (much to Tiadan's disapproval)

Lerrise: Taidan and Taia's only child. She is Awyeria's best friend

Xocade: Awyeria's other best friend. He might feel something for her....

Arageo: Xocade's brother. There is something between him and Lerrise.

Nyall: The town librarian

Margie: Awyeria meets her along the way to the capitol

Skelrold: He's the captain of the royal archer's assistant. When did Margie have such pretty eyes???

Ver'dar: The Captain of the Royal Archers. He knows everything

Rilban: No one (who knows Awyeria's secret) really trusts him....There's something fishy.....

Dellertia: Immature. Has an obsession with Rilban. 'Nuff said. 

Rilan: Ahh...here's were spoilers get tricky. Let's just say that he helped [blank] get to [blank]. Also, he's my MMC (I think...)

Jeina and Adess: Two sisters who run an in where [blank] stays after [blank and blank] have to stop at a [blank] for the winter

Sokea and Banriona (I think I spelled her name right...): A mother a daughter. [blank] helps her out when she stops at [blank]

Trebutch: He and Sokea were lovers before Sokea's dad married her off to someone else. True love holds out through thick and thin.

(NOTE: Okay, so, before y'all start getting panicked at the thought of Sokea - a married woman - and Trebutch, I can safely say that Sokea's husband died :P)

And I think that's all the characters....Some more might appear out on a whim, so who knows.

Nano Word Count: 33770

Total Novel Word Count: 40319

So I didn't make it to 50k. Am I disappointed with myself? No. And, if you didn't make it to 50k, know that you're not the only one. See, the thing is, I don't look at Nano as "getting to 50k words", I look at it as "something to motivate me to write".

So, like I said, the Crown of Light is going to be about 93k words. That's loooong, and I'm only on chapter 19! So I still have a loooong way ahead of me! But, I got this idea for a book series that I want to know if you guys think it's flip or flop. 

I'm thinking (after I finish the Crown of Light - Yes, I still have Courage for Those Who Have None, but I write that one on paper) of writing a series of short books (Like, maybe 25-30k, NOT 93K) called, "Stereotypical Stories".

Basically, every story is going to be about stuff people have written a gazillion and three books about. Ya know, the typical "finding yourself books". But I thought it might be fun, so I really want to know if you guys (okay, I say guys a lot when I talk to a bunch of people. I NEVER SAY Y'ALL IN REAL LIFE. #northerngirlmoveddownsouth) think that I should aim for it.

Welp, that's for listening xD

How did your Nano go? Did you finish a novel? Planning a new one? I would love to hear about it!


Nyall, the old town librarian, poured over a book about the wingspans of different dragons.
“Most interesting,” he remarked to nobody.
Then the door creaked open and the town archer walked in.
“Xocade!” Nyall exclaimed, “How are you today?”
“I'm doing pretty well,” Xocade replied.
“Looking for another book on the aerodynamics of an arrow?”
            Xocade laughed, thinking of how he impressed Awyeria with his archery the other day
. Thinking of Awyeria reminded him of his purpose of coming to the library.
“Actually,” Xocade cleared his throat, “I was wondering if you had any
books on the meanings of birthmarks. Or of ancient signs.”
“Those, my lad, and things that go hand in hand.”
“So you have some?”
“Some?” Nyall scoffed.
He led Xocade to a room with shelves crammed with books. There were
several tables in the room and they were piled to the breaking points with even more parchments and books. And the floor was littered with loose pieces of paper.
“Here are all the books on that subject,” Nyall patted the younger man on
the back as if to say ‘good luck’.
Not deterred by the mass of reading materials, Xocade thanked the old librarian with a nod.
He was going to find out what that mark meant, no matter how long it took.

The Animation Tag

Ruth at Amongst Spring Blossoms has tagged me in her animation tag!!


Tag some people and answer the questions!


1. Who's your favorite animated heroine?


Probably either Mulan, Moana, or Ariel.

2. Who's your favorite animated hero?


3. If there was to be a sequel(or even a third, fourth, or fifth part)(and then I don't mean like Frozen Fever and Tangled Ever After, those short movies, but a real one) of an animated movie, where would you like it to be about?


But please Disney, get it right. Mulan 2 didn't hold a candle to the first one.

Okay, so I thought of a storyline and Imma going to share it.

So, in Mulan 2 Shang and Mulan got married, and now Mulan is going to have a baby. But Shang goes off to fight a war and goes missing. So Mulan has to go find him. So maybe the three princesses and their lovers go with her and the have adventures and whatnot. Meanwhile, Shang has lost his memory due to some sort of injury. And this widow and her daughter are taking care of him. All Shang can remember is his name and the name Mulan and her face. The widow's daughter falls in love with Shang, but Shang can't get Mulan's face out of his head. Finally, Mulan finds Shang and when he sees her, Shang gets all his memory back.

Tell me what y'all think of that :P

4. Which couple from an animated movie do you think is highly underrated? 

Pocahontas and John Smith.


Funny fact, as a kid, I used to think that the movie Pocahontas was true. So when we had to read about her for History, I was like, "WHERE'S GRANDMOTHER WILLOW???"

5. Which couple do you like most?

Mulan and Shang :P

(there's no way to win over a man's heart like beating him up while disguised as a guy then saving his life and then having him not kill you and then save the emperor and then have your grandmother invite him for more than dinner)

6. Which song is your favorite?

Let's Get Down to Business - Mulan
How Far I'll Go - Moana
I'm Still Standing - Sing

7. And if you should choose a song that isn't likely to be chosen by you, one that didn't immediately come up in your mind but is still a favorite, which one would it be?




I guess Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas or Reflection from Mulan

8. What animation movie did you first think you wouldn't like, but eventually you did?


A friend of mine told me that it wasn't that good, so when it came on Netflix I procrastinated a couple weeks before watching it. It was really good though.

9. Which two do you always consider as a couple, even though they are not a definite couple, but almost no one else does? 

Oh, this is easy.

Johnny and Ash from Sing!


10. Which girl from an animated movie has the best hairstyle(s)?

Hm.....I really like Moana's hairdo. I like flowy hair :P Or maybe Rapunzel's. Or Maria's.

11. Which is the best dress?

I love Anastasia's. I would wear that. Or Maria's. Or Cinderella's. DO Y'ALL HONESTLY EXPECT ME TO MAKE A DECISION??? HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED THAT I AM THE WORST PERSON TO DO THAT????


12. Which sidekick is the best according to you?

Pfft. Mushu. Case closed.

13. What's your favorite Disney princess movie?

If it wasn't obvious, Mulan.

14. What's your favorite animated movie (no Disney princess movies included)? 

This is hard. Proooobably either Sing!, Zootopia, The Book of Life, or Coco (we just saw this today, I love it soo much :D)

15. What is your Disney personality?

Apparently, I'm 40% Pochahontas and 60% Merida.

You have a profound need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world you live in, and to learn the deeper truths. You tend to be orderly and dedicated to building your life on a solid foundation of order and service. 
You value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not.
It is creepily true....

16. Which animated girl do you think looks most like you(in looks, not in character)?

Maria from The Book of Life. She's Mexican, I'm half Mexican (I look a lot like my dad - who is Mexican - though).

17.  Which statement do you think is true and which not(you know, those things on Pinterest that say...for example: That Elsa and Anna are Rapunzels cousins, and that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother or that the oldest girl from Despicable Me is maybe Riley's mom from Inside Out)?

That one. Because I actually sortakindadid like Hans *runs for cover* I FELT REALLY BAD FOR HIM OKAY??

18. What animated movie did you expect much of, but turned out to be much worse than you originally thought? 

The Good Dinosaur. It looked really cute from the preview but it was just meh. 

So, I hope you guys had just as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Anywho, I tag everyone who wants this. 

Childhood Books That Give Me All The Feels

We all have some book that gives us that good nostalgic feel. The books that our parents used to read to us all the time. The ones we still smile as we read them to this day. Here are my

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?



My dad used to read it to me in Spanish almost every night, and I love it so much

Feelsy Rating: 11

Goodnight Moon

This another of those, "My childhood wouldn't be the same without it" books. I used to LOOOOOOVE this one soooo much!!

Feelsy Rating: 9.5

Rainbow Fish

I remember I used to hold a grudge or something against the Rainbow Fish for some reason.


Feelsy Rating: 8.5

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I always got hungry whenever my mom read this book too me....

Feelsy Rating: 10

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish


I loooove Dr. Suess y'all. His books are the absolute best!

Feelsy Rating: 10.5


For some reason, as a kid, I thought that this book was boring. But it gives me the feels now.

Feelsy Rating: 6.5

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Another of Dr. Suess's fabulous books! I love how his books are so deep, and yet so fun at the same time!

Feelsy Rating: 7

How about you guys? What are some of your favorite childhood books? Tell me below! Plus, what do you think about the change in look?

Meet the Cast of The Moon // Updates

So I started the story a looooooong time ago (in a galaxy far, far away :P). I don't really work on it much, it's actually a four-book series, but I thought that y'all would like to meet  the cast :) No spoilers, so you'll just have to form something from their names and pictures (*evil laugh*)












Now I feel evil :P

But, guys, seriously, I want to apologize to you. I feel that lately, my posts have been mumbo-jumbo thrown together, and you all deserve better. So, I'm going to spend more time on my posts. 

As to the "Update" part of my title, I'm going to be changing how my blog looks (as much as I love how it looks now) soon. So if you come and it looks like I went totally color-blind. You know what's up :) 

Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month: October

Hey guys! Today I have -




Let me explain why.

October's Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month was my darling RAAC twin, Serena. (If you're on the MODG boards she's my vice prezzy for 10th grade)

Serena is an amazing person. She's my best MODG friend. Guys, she's awesome.

And busy.

So she couldn't send in the questions until just recently.


You hurt her, you have to deal with her maniac twin.

But, let's see her amazing answers. 

#1: What is the most reckless and awesome thing you have done?

Being the recklessly awesome person that I am, I’m going to be super extra reckless and not answer that question. ;)

#2: Corner or middle seat on the couch?

Hmm. Probably the corner, it’s more relaxing there!

#3: Favorite book? Why? (yes, I’m evil :P)


Well, I’m just going to pick one from my top 3. It is… *drum roll* The Giver. 

The Giver is honestly an incredible book. I love it sooooooooooooooooo much<3333 I could go into a big long rant about it but I'm not gonna bore you with that xD

I love it for a bunch of reasons. One is that it's very pro-life, which is great. It’s also very inspiring and beautiful. The author is really talented. And it’s great cuz the book isn’t really that long, and it’s a pretty easy read. Ah man, that book is amazing. I 100% recommend <3

#4: Favorite school subject? Why?

Lunch. :P

Kidding, kidding. I’d probably have to say history, because it’s the most interesting. 

#5: Can you profess your undying love towards chocolate milk?

Ah, chocolate milk...shall I compare thee to a summer’s day...thou art so very beautiful and tasty, and bring joy and sunshine to my meal. Why must thou taste so delicious? The good Lord in Heaven hath blessed the earth when He created thee. Indeed, I shall love thee till the end of my days. <33 :)

#6: Favorite music genre? Artist? Song?

Probably pop. Although I really love soundtracks, like for movies and TV shows. OH, and musicals. Musicals are the best<3  My favorite artist is probably Coldplay, but Taylor Swift is a close second (not her new stuff, mind you. I definitely prefer her older songs. The new stuff is just bleh. But the older stuff is awesome). I really love Taylor Swift’s older songs. I love how her songs were just happy. Sure, some of them were about sadder things, but most of them were nice, good songs about love and happiness and fun. But nowadays, everything’s about a breakup. It’s about being angry with her ex. And I hate that. Now, I know that some of her older songs were about breakups too, but they aren’t the way these new ones are. It makes me really sad that the world is like this. Taylor Swift’s songs were great because they made me feel good. Now they make me mad. I wish she had stayed a nice, pure, happy person. 

Anyways, yeah, Coldplay is my favorite. My favorite song at the moment (I change all the time) is Something Just Like This by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers.  :)

#7: Cats or dogs? Why?

OMIGOSH DOGS FOREVER!!!!!! They’re so sweet and adorable and lovable and loyal and fluffy<3

Cats are just...cats are just weird. And creepy. And...yeah. No cats. xD

Unfortunately, I don’t have a dog (or any pet for that matter) because my mom does not share my dog-loving enthusiasm, and she is also allergic to fur. *sigh* I want one so baaaaaaaaaaaad….

#8: Favorite Disney sidekick? Why?

Hmm. I would probably have to say Mushu, but since Lindsay already said him I’ll pick someone else lol. I would have to go with Olaf, but the Genie is also awesome. xD

#9: Favorite food? Why?

Ooohh definitely cheeseburgers. And fries. Waffle fries, to be specific. Waffle fries from Chic Fil A. :P I like my cheeseburgers with ketchup. Ketchup is life, and I always put way too much of it on my food xD Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra hungry, I put bacon on my burger. Ahhh, yes. That’s good. 

#10: Are you a nightingale or a morning bird?

Oh, definitely nightingale. I can stay up late, but I literally cannot get up in the morning (probably because I stay up late, lol). 

#11: Have you read LotR? If so, do you like it?



lol I actually listened to it on audiobook on the way to Wisconsin a couple years ago. That was awesome. I really want to read them again, though, but I never have the time. I could probably do it if I was a fast reader. I’m honestly the slowest reader ever… it takes me FOREVER to read books xD I have a friend who reads ridiculously fast. He has read LOTR like 7 times!!! O_O

#12: Favorite LotR book and character? Why?

Hmm, this one’s kinda tough. I read the books a few years ago, and I don’t remember them very well, to be honest. But I’m going to go with Return of the King. I just love the story<3

My favorite character is a hard one too. I think I have to go with Sam, however, I really love Aragorn, Pippin, and Eowyn as well (And Legolas of course).  But back to Sam. 

Sam is literally the sweetest, awesomest, kindest, most selfless person ever. His loyalty to Frodo is beyond compare and he has a heart of gold. I could go on and on about how amazing Samwise Gamgee is but there isn’t enough room here so I won’t. :P

#13: Have you seen the LotR movies? Which ones? Did you like it?

I’ve seen em all! All the extended versions too. They’re awesome. So inspiring and such an incredible story. I love love love all the actors and they all did such an incredible job. <3

#14: Favorite movie and character? Why?

I’m going to have to go with Return of the King again. That movie is just so beautiful and so well done. The relationship between Sam and Frodo is so sweet and Sam’s loyalty is really proven in this movie. And Arwen and Aragorn are adorable! I love when they reunite. <3  But the best part is the end. I will never ever get over how incredibly well done the ending is. I cry every single time. It makes me so happy, and it’s so moving and beautiful, and yeah, that’s definitely my favorite<333333

And now you've met my darling Serena!




I can't express how awesome this girl is! I was (and still sorta am) going through a hard time with some things and Seena is always there<33