The Shared WIP Tag {Week 2: Protagonist Questions}

And we're back in week 2 of the Shared WIP Tag!!!!

Introduce your MC a little (name, maybe a description or picture, etc,) and tell us something quirky about them.

The MC of The Scroll of Wisdom is Polaris, Protector of Ilia Scriptura, Prince Royale (later Crown Prince) Kile of Ilia Scriptura.

In case his actual name got lost in his full title, it's Kile.

I imagine Kile to look like Douglas Booth:

Image result for douglas booth

And something quirky about Kile is that he loves to read! That may not seem quirky to you, but people who know Kile are astounded when they learn that fact! (I one has ever learned that tbh)

What does your MC value the most?

He values family and familiar (is that the word???) love the most. Which is odd considering that there isn't a lot of love between Kile and his family. But he knows that the love of a family is one of the greatest out there, and he yearns soooo much for it.

What is your MC’s wildest dream? What is their greatest fear?

Kile's wildest dream is to see one of the Fairy Halls, which no mortal person has seen. Fairies tell humans that they can see them, but only if they are chosen.

His greatest fear is that no one will love him. He may seem like a very self-confident and secure person on the outside, but Kile is actually terrified of being unloved.

What is your MC’s favorite food? Can they cook?

Kile's favorite food is this dessert which is like a dumpling but has caramelized strawberries on the inside (and now I'm hungry...)

And, being a prince, no, Kile can't cook xD

What do you (the writer) have in common with the MC? What do you not have in common?

Well, Kile has a habit of acting likely he's perfectly fine when sometimes he really isn't. I also find myself doing that, because it seems easier to act like your happy when you're really not.

What I don't have in common with Kile is that he does some really reckless things a lot. People who know me in real life know that I am a VERY CAUTIOUS PERSON (I think I get it from my dad....)

What lie does your MC believe about himself/the world?

A lie that Kile believes about himself is that his parents don't love him, and that his brother is more important than he is. This is a huge thing and drives (I think) a lot of Kile's internal conflict.

Who is their best friend and why? Kile had these friends who weren't the BEST people, but I think once some things *some* start to settle, his brother Cipta is his best friends. Kile and Cipta were never really close as children and when things go down they almost hate each other. But after they both accept their roles and their family gets closer, they really start depending on each other and form a strong bond.

What song best describes them in this book?


*scrolls through Spotify*

Okay I think one that describes Kile pretty well and his character arc is Remember by Lauren Daigle

What is their personality type?

I took a quiz for him and it said ENFP-T. Looking at the explanation that does really look like Kile!

Why should your readers care about this person?

Because he's a cinnamon roll (AND I AM JUST NOW REALIZING THIS WUT). Kile may seem messed up and tough on the outside, but on the inside, he just wants to be loved. He also wants to become a better person and once he's on the right path, he won't easily stray.

This ends week 2 of the Shared WIP Tag! Join me next week for antagonist questions!

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How's your Nano going? Are you still alive? What has been your favorite thing so far?



    *gasps* Oh my gosh, one of my prince characters also loves to read!! (Princes who read are clearly superior...)


      Lol, I love characters who love to read. And if they're princes, it's an added bonus!

  2. Are you talking about familial love (family love)? But it's neat that because that's what he really prizes, that he's afraid that he won't receive it.

    I love bookish princes!!! (Really just hit me in the feels, because one of my favorite characters EVER is Chieftain Cadren Finn FĂ«vere, and he's a fairly quiet, bookish guy and is really kind and I love his story arc sooooooo much.)

    1. Yes! That's the type that I'm thinking of!

      There is a certain appeal to bookish princes, isn't there.

  3. Also ENFPs are like one of the most lovable type of people. EVERYONE LIKES THEM. haha. For the most part. There are some ENFPs I know that annoy me ;p Anyways yes I lost track of Kile's names, so I'm glad you set it apart again. He sounds so fun!

    1. Lol, I'm not sure everyone (at the beginning) really likes Kile.....Yeah....I had a feeling it would help if I set his actual name apart xD

  4. I love this!! He sounds so cool. I just love it when characters turn out to be cinnamon rolls!! Best thing ever!

    1. Cinnamon rolls are the greatest gift in the literary world xD Especially when they don't seem like a cinnamon roll at the beginning XD

  5. Love Lauren Daigle's music! ;)

  6. YES I AM STILL ALIVE AND WOW!!! KILE SOUNDS SO AMAZING!!! I love all the sweet cinnamon rolls. <333

    1. Yay! I'm glad so many people like him!!!

  7. Replies
    1. :DDDD I was pretty excited when I came up with that!

  8. I really want that dessert sounds so delicious!

    1. I KNOWWWWWW. I wrote that and was like, "Dang, now I'm hungry for this thing I just made up"

  9. Ack Kile!!! Love him :D Great job Ceci, I can't wait to see what wonders you work with him!

    1. "What wonders I work with him" more like how I'm gonna torture him xDD

  10. Cinnamon roll boys are the best, I want a dozen. :P (why do we call them that, though. why cinnamon roll. the quirks of the internet language...)

    - Jem Jones

    1. They are amazing (and I don't know why we call them that.....)


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