Short Stories; #1 The Miners Misfortune

So, a while ago, I bought this book at Barnes & Nobles,
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    I really like it. I've only done like, three, but it gives you very interesting prompts. And, I suppose, I could share them with you ;P. Here goes nothing! (I'm writing them in order so yeah...)

Prompt #1: The Miners Misfortune

     At first, we thought the black liquid was oil, that we'd struck it rich and that we'd be able to retire and live in leisure. We actually started writing down all the ways we'd spend the money.
     Our first choice was (this is the end of the prompt, the rest is my own writing) to feed and clothe our whole town. The rest were selfish things now that I think about it.
     "We have to show the Keepers," Joe reminded us.
     The only good thing about Rule #47 was that we got to keep whatever we found. I guess the Keepers established that rule thinking we'd never find anything of importance.
     Stace pulled out a jar filled with Kiefler. He pours it out.
     "Here," he said, handing it to Ray.
     His hands shook so much that I was afraid he'll drop the jar. Ray got some of the black substance, and poured it into the jar. 
     We all walked towards the Keepers main building. Then, to the Findings Room.
     Professor McAll works there.
     We tentatively walked over to him.
     "Yes, Underlings?" he asked in a bored tone.
      We held out the jar.
     "We think it's oil," Rays said, respectfully. Who knows what would happen to us if we angered  a Keeper.
     "Oh, you do?" Professor McAll said, arching a sarcastic eyebrow.
     He took the jar and poured the black liquid into a vial. Then, he placed it under a light.
     Some papers are printed out. He read them and then chuckled.
     "You poor idiots," he said, "This isn't oil, it's Type B virus." 
     We all turned white.
     "And," he continued, "As you know, you get to keep it all. You're already contaminated, so you can either infect your sorry little town or live a solitary life."
      We all chose solitary life rather than infect our loved ones.
      That is why I'm writing this to you, my dear Kacey.

     So, what did you think? I edited it as I copied it from the book, so it's a bit better. Well, comment below and rate this post! 😀  (remember, Vader means bad; Lando, okay; and Luke, good)

I Suppose I Should Tell You Something....

1) I am a bit cuckoo
2) I will often ramble
3) This will be a slightly crazy blog
4) I will get obsessed over stuff
5) It is very likely that I will forget all about this and not post for a thousand years
6) And there's something else but I don't quite remember what it is....

 That's basically everything that I should tell you :)

(but just watch, I'll remember something as I lie awake tonight) (*sighhhhhhhhh*)