Possible Hiatus?

 Hello, my lovelies! I know I recently got back into blogging from a rather long and unannounced hiatus, and it looks like that may be happening again (tho, quite not as long).

Stuff is just really crazy with the end of the school year, a music competition, and dance recital, and I have legit no time to come up with something worth gracing your feeds with. That and my creativity level is 0. And rather than giving you posts that aren't worth the time of day, I rather wait till I can give you something good.

To those who have been beta reading What Time We Have Left and have emailed me: I'll be trying to get to replying soon! I have seen what y'all have written and it has made me so happy! But yeah, I'll try to reply soon!

I don't know how long this break will last, but it is one I need to take.

Love y'all

Ceci <3

/ / April Wrap-Up \ \

Well......I'm still alive so that's something.

Classes are ending soon but guess who has a bunch of school left?

Besides that, life has been going alright. I went to prom at the beginning of the month and that was fun! But then I was out with the flu for the next week. I also found out that I'm going to Delaware with my dad to visit a college and that I got accepted to a camp that I really wanted to go to.

And freaking swim team. Not kidding y'all, I get the weirdest tan line *fp*

Image result for a noble masquerade book coverImage result for the edge of over there book coverImage result for the scorpio races book cover
Image result for North and south book coverImage result for the american heiress book cover

A Noble Masquerade, Kristi Ann Hunter; The Edge of Over There, Shawn Smucker; The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater; North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell; The American Heiress, Daisy Goodwin


A Noble Masquerade: Y'all know that this is one of my favorite books of all time. It's funny. Has spies. Has romance. And is historical fiction. Oh and banter. I love it so much xD

The Scorpio Races: Another of my favorite books. You forget how good it is every time you read it.

North and South: I had been wanting to read this one for a while (because I loooove the BBC adaption with Richard Armitage) and I really, really liked it. There were some characters who bugged me but honestly, it's amazing.


The Edge of Over There: This book was just.....eh. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it. Read my review here!

The American Heiress: So I liked it A LOT. But there were some content things that kept me from putting this in the loved category. Lots of Downton Abbey feels, but I really wouldn't recommend because of the content.

Miserere // Gregorio Allegri

Love Like This // Lauren Daigle

I'll Keep On // NF

Mine // Taylor Swift

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Related image Image result for gilmore girls poster

Finished this! To be honest....I really did not like Rory as the series went on. BASICALLY JESS MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER

Vanity Fair

Related image

Ehhhhhhhhhh. It's good. Not amazing but good.

Les Miserables

Image result for les miserables pbs poster

OKAY SO WE'RE BEHIND. We've only seen the first two episodes cause Sundays have been hectic but dang I LOVE THIS. It's a little weird watching tho because I keep expecting them to burst into song.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2

Image result for the sisterhood of the traveling pants poster Image result for the sisterhood of the traveling pants poster

These are sweet and funny movies


Image result for hairspray

Honestly......I don't even know what to think about this one


Image result for unplanned

Y'all. If you didn't see this. You missed out on A LOT. This was.....this was amazing. (random fact right here but my mom and I are going to Abby Johnson's Pro-Woman conference at the end of June!!)

I did Camp Nano....and did not complete it because *cough* school.


I discovered this brand new story idea that has me really psyched (maybe I'll share more about it later). And I finished What Time We Had Left! I sent out a call for betas, but the sign-ups are now closed.

This Month's Posts:

How was your April? Doing anything exciting this month? What have you been reading? Writing? Watching? Listening to? 

Writing Wednesdays: {What Time We Have Left} [CALLING ALL BETAS] [NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES]

Oh my goodness y'all, I am soooo excited about this post!!! It has been quite a journey to finish this first draft and I can't believe it. Well, I hope you enjoy this!

What Time We Have Left



Hampshire, England

So yes, our setting is Hampshire, England. I was looking at pictures and it looks like it is a very green, very pretty place.

Image result for hampshire england

Image result for hampshire england

Image result for hampshire england

Ashby Manor (name subject to change)

And most of this novella (basically all if I'm being honest) is set in Ashby Manor. Because I messed up with the title (the title of a person and their last name are different), it will probably *something else* Manor once I figure out what title to give the Ashby's. There is this manor in England (not sure where) called Gravetye Manor and it fits my mental picture of Ashby Manor to a t.

Image result for gravetye manor front

Image result for gravetye manor front

Image result for gravetye manor front

Time Period


Image result for 1857 england

Image result for 1857 england queen

Image result for 1857 england fashion

Image result for books published in 1857 jane eyre


Ava Pennington
(Anna Popplewell)

Image result for anna popplewell

The only difference between Popplewell and Ava is that Ava has bright green eyes. Besides that, Anna Popplewell IS Ava Pennington.

She is my FMC. A very sweet, very mellow person. She can be funny when she wants and she loves to read.

Mr. Charles Pennington
(Tim Pigott-Smith)

Image result for tim pigott-smith

He is Ava's father. A lawyer. He cares a lot for Ava and is also worried about her health. His wife died a few hours after giving birth to Ava.

Jameson Ashby
(William Moseley)

Related image

My MMC. He's also rather mellow and doesn't get angry very easily. He cares a great deal about the Penningtons and for his family.

Johnathon Ashby
(Ansel Elgort)

Image result for ansel elgort

Jameson's younger brother. He turned out to be most people's favorite character and will be getting his very own sequel.

Lord James Ashby
(Michael Gambon)

He is Jameson and Johnathon's father, Mr. Pennington's best friend, and Ava's godfather. He is the 7th Earl of something (STILL COMING UP WITH THAT PART).

Lady Amelia Ashby
(Sharon Stone)

Image result for sharon stone

Married to Lord Ashby. Mother to Jameson, Johnathon, and John. Motherly figure for Ava.

John Ashby
(Matt Czuchry)

Image result for matt czuchry

Older brother to Jameson and Johnathon. Was never really the same after being sent away.

Oh my gosh y'all. I am so freaking excited about this!!! I really hope you enjoy What Time We Have Left, because I really enjoyed writing it.

Here are just some stats if you were wondering how long it was and other things.

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Chapters: 20 + Epilogue

Word Count: 32,963

Other: There is one part that I tried to make vague, but a friend told me that I had made it too vague and it made it seem like something else happened, so yeah. Still need some opinions on that.

Ahhh, I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you sign up! What did you think about all the info I gave you? Are you interested? Think this might be right up your alley? If you do sign up to be a beta, I'll be sending out an email sometime before May 10th!

EDIT: Wow.....y'all have blown me away with your sign ups! Unfortunately for those who did not get a chance to sign up, I am closing the form.