Writing Wednesdays: {What Time We Have Left} [CALLING ALL BETAS] [NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES]

Oh my goodness y'all, I am soooo excited about this post!!! It has been quite a journey to finish this first draft and I can't believe it. Well, I hope you enjoy this!

What Time We Have Left



Hampshire, England

So yes, our setting is Hampshire, England. I was looking at pictures and it looks like it is a very green, very pretty place.

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Image result for hampshire england

Ashby Manor (name subject to change)

And most of this novella (basically all if I'm being honest) is set in Ashby Manor. Because I messed up with the title (the title of a person and their last name are different), it will probably *something else* Manor once I figure out what title to give the Ashby's. There is this manor in England (not sure where) called Gravetye Manor and it fits my mental picture of Ashby Manor to a t.

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Image result for gravetye manor front

Image result for gravetye manor front

Time Period


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Ava Pennington
(Anna Popplewell)

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The only difference between Popplewell and Ava is that Ava has bright green eyes. Besides that, Anna Popplewell IS Ava Pennington.

She is my FMC. A very sweet, very mellow person. She can be funny when she wants and she loves to read.

Mr. Charles Pennington
(Tim Pigott-Smith)

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He is Ava's father. A lawyer. He cares a lot for Ava and is also worried about her health. His wife died a few hours after giving birth to Ava.

Jameson Ashby
(William Moseley)

Related image

My MMC. He's also rather mellow and doesn't get angry very easily. He cares a great deal about the Penningtons and for his family.

Johnathon Ashby
(Ansel Elgort)

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Jameson's younger brother. He turned out to be most people's favorite character and will be getting his very own sequel.

Lord James Ashby
(Michael Gambon)

He is Jameson and Johnathon's father, Mr. Pennington's best friend, and Ava's godfather. He is the 7th Earl of something (STILL COMING UP WITH THAT PART).

Lady Amelia Ashby
(Sharon Stone)

Image result for sharon stone

Married to Lord Ashby. Mother to Jameson, Johnathon, and John. Motherly figure for Ava.

John Ashby
(Matt Czuchry)

Image result for matt czuchry

Older brother to Jameson and Johnathon. Was never really the same after being sent away.

Oh my gosh y'all. I am so freaking excited about this!!! I really hope you enjoy What Time We Have Left, because I really enjoyed writing it.

Here are just some stats if you were wondering how long it was and other things.

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Chapters: 20 + Epilogue

Word Count: 32,963

Other: There is one part that I tried to make vague, but a friend told me that I had made it too vague and it made it seem like something else happened, so yeah. Still need some opinions on that.

Ahhh, I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you sign up! What did you think about all the info I gave you? Are you interested? Think this might be right up your alley? If you do sign up to be a beta, I'll be sending out an email sometime before May 10th!

EDIT: Wow.....y'all have blown me away with your sign ups! Unfortunately for those who did not get a chance to sign up, I am closing the form. 


  1. I'm really really excited for this story! I looooove historical pieces :)

    I signed up to be a beta - can't wait to see it!!

    1. Aaah! I'm SO happy that you're excited!!


  2. Wowwwww, Ceciiiiii! AHHHHH I'm so excited for youuuuuuuu <3

    I signed up as a beta too! This will be my first time but I've ALWAYS wanted to be a beta reader! I can't wait!!!

    1. :DDDDD Thank youuuuuuu <33

      Yay!!! I'm honored that your first time beta reading will be my story!

  3. So exciting!!! Congrats on getting to this point!!

    I'm going to go ahead and sign up to be a beta because it sounds so cool! I'll put down that I should be able to read it in less than a month because I usually can finish commenting on a book that length in that time frame, but there's a chance it take longer. Life, ya know. Doesn't always like to obey our commitments.

    1. Thank you, Sarah!

      Oh, I totally get that! I just asked that question to get a rough idea of how long each person was going to take :))

  4. Eheheheh those two Narnia actors instantly made me fans of your characters lol

    1. Lolol, yay! I thought, "Oh, Anna Popplewell looks a lot like what I imagine Ava to look like" and then William Moseley followed soong after :PP

  5. Hey! I signed up to beta read, I’m not really sure how beta reading works but I’ll try 😅 Also my life is pretty hectic right now so I can’t promise that I’ll get a chance to read it too soon, but I’ll do what I can... can’t wait to read your story! 🤗

    1. Hey! Thanks for signing up! And there is a first time for everything! That is totally fine, but I hope you can give me a general idea as to when you'll be able to read through it :)

  6. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! Congratulations on reaching this stage!
    (Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to be a beta reader because #school, but I KNOW that this story is amazing!)

    1. Thank you!
      (lol, totally get that, school is all over the place rn)

  7. Oh!! Yay!!! I'm so excited! As soon as I read your post on it I knew I wanted to beta read (that and that the Narnia actors are your MCs)! Can't wait. :D

    1. Aaaaaah!!! I'm so excited that you're excited!!!!

  8. Ohmygoodness this sounds amazing!!!! :D Totally signing up for Beta!!

  9. Meant to sign up...and apparently it's closed. :) No worries, guess I'll just move a little faster next time!

    1. Aw man, I'm sorry! I just decided to close it! But dont worry lol, I'll probs be asking again for more betas sometime!

  10. AANNDD I missed it. Darn it. :'-( XD I hope you get some great feedback though!!! Your story sounds awesome. :-D

    1. Arghhhhh, sorry that you missed it :// Haha, thank you!!


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