I finally tell you what I wrote for Nano + My official word count (oh gosh) + New story idea???

That was totally not a long title.


I'm in a sarcastic mode because of SOMETHING (*glares at geometry and biology books*)

No joke y'all, those are my two biggest school books. But let's move on.

I worked on my fantasy story (that I had already started) The Crown of Light (dun dun dun). And guys, I was calculating approximately how big this was going to be....and it will be like 93k words O_O But I guess I'll give you more info on it without spoilers and you tell me if you like it. And! An excerpt at the end of this post!


*pushes Lina out of sight of the camera*

He, he.....

Name: The Crown of Light

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: The crown is stolen. A princess is sent out into hiding, she must regain her crown and kingdom. She goes on a quest, making friends and enemies. What happens when the enemy isn't who everyone expects it to be?


Awyeria: My FMC. She's the princess that is sent into hiding

Queen Ia'sayi: Awyeria's mom

King Torhonvor: Awyeria's dad

Princess Inaess: Awyeria sister who thought that Awyeria was dead

Lord Tiadan: He raised Awyeria and trained her

Lady Taia: Lord Tiadan's wife, she taught Awyeria courtly things (much to Tiadan's disapproval)

Lerrise: Taidan and Taia's only child. She is Awyeria's best friend

Xocade: Awyeria's other best friend. He might feel something for her....

Arageo: Xocade's brother. There is something between him and Lerrise.

Nyall: The town librarian

Margie: Awyeria meets her along the way to the capitol

Skelrold: He's the captain of the royal archer's assistant. When did Margie have such pretty eyes???

Ver'dar: The Captain of the Royal Archers. He knows everything

Rilban: No one (who knows Awyeria's secret) really trusts him....There's something fishy.....

Dellertia: Immature. Has an obsession with Rilban. 'Nuff said. 

Rilan: Ahh...here's were spoilers get tricky. Let's just say that he helped [blank] get to [blank]. Also, he's my MMC (I think...)

Jeina and Adess: Two sisters who run an in where [blank] stays after [blank and blank] have to stop at a [blank] for the winter

Sokea and Banriona (I think I spelled her name right...): A mother a daughter. [blank] helps her out when she stops at [blank]

Trebutch: He and Sokea were lovers before Sokea's dad married her off to someone else. True love holds out through thick and thin.

(NOTE: Okay, so, before y'all start getting panicked at the thought of Sokea - a married woman - and Trebutch, I can safely say that Sokea's husband died :P)

And I think that's all the characters....Some more might appear out on a whim, so who knows.

Nano Word Count: 33770

Total Novel Word Count: 40319

So I didn't make it to 50k. Am I disappointed with myself? No. And, if you didn't make it to 50k, know that you're not the only one. See, the thing is, I don't look at Nano as "getting to 50k words", I look at it as "something to motivate me to write".

So, like I said, the Crown of Light is going to be about 93k words. That's loooong, and I'm only on chapter 19! So I still have a loooong way ahead of me! But, I got this idea for a book series that I want to know if you guys think it's flip or flop. 

I'm thinking (after I finish the Crown of Light - Yes, I still have Courage for Those Who Have None, but I write that one on paper) of writing a series of short books (Like, maybe 25-30k, NOT 93K) called, "Stereotypical Stories".

Basically, every story is going to be about stuff people have written a gazillion and three books about. Ya know, the typical "finding yourself books". But I thought it might be fun, so I really want to know if you guys (okay, I say guys a lot when I talk to a bunch of people. I NEVER SAY Y'ALL IN REAL LIFE. #northerngirlmoveddownsouth) think that I should aim for it.

Welp, that's for listening xD

How did your Nano go? Did you finish a novel? Planning a new one? I would love to hear about it!


Nyall, the old town librarian, poured over a book about the wingspans of different dragons.
“Most interesting,” he remarked to nobody.
Then the door creaked open and the town archer walked in.
“Xocade!” Nyall exclaimed, “How are you today?”
“I'm doing pretty well,” Xocade replied.
“Looking for another book on the aerodynamics of an arrow?”
            Xocade laughed, thinking of how he impressed Awyeria with his archery the other day
. Thinking of Awyeria reminded him of his purpose of coming to the library.
“Actually,” Xocade cleared his throat, “I was wondering if you had any
books on the meanings of birthmarks. Or of ancient signs.”
“Those, my lad, and things that go hand in hand.”
“So you have some?”
“Some?” Nyall scoffed.
He led Xocade to a room with shelves crammed with books. There were
several tables in the room and they were piled to the breaking points with even more parchments and books. And the floor was littered with loose pieces of paper.
“Here are all the books on that subject,” Nyall patted the younger man on
the back as if to say ‘good luck’.
Not deterred by the mass of reading materials, Xocade thanked the old librarian with a nod.
He was going to find out what that mark meant, no matter how long it took.


  1. I love your characters' names! They sound so beautiful - and unique! <3

    1. Thank you Madeline! A lot of people have told me that they're hard to pronounce though...

  2. Wow!! I love the story so far! Especially the snippet!

    I'll agree with Madeline, I like the names, but a pronunciation guide is probably going to be needed...at least for Xocade (how WOULD you pronouce that?!)


    1. Thank you!!

      Haha, you would pronounce it Xo-KAde. Hopefully that helps....

  3. This sounds like pure epicness! And I love the names, although like Catherine, I need a pronunciation guide to pronounce them correctly! :P

    1. I'm really going to have to make one of those! But I'm glad you liked the idea/names :D

  4. Your novel sounds amazing!:) And the names of your characters are awesome.


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