13 Reasons Why . . . You Should Watch Violetta

     Violetta is one of my favorite shows of all time (I will tell you that it is in Spanish). I won't explain the plot in this post (maybe in another one I will) because I want you to go watch it. It's really good (just please don't watch the English dub, watch it in Spanish with subtitles).
     It also has 3 seasons with 80 episodes in each season and each episode being like 45 minutes long (it took me almost six months to finish watching it all, but I did take a big break at one point), so it should last you a while. But not many people have seen it.
     So, here are

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch Violetta

1) It is very entertaining
     It really gets you hooked. You just want to see what is going to happen next. And, at the end of each episode, it has sorta like something that tells you what is going to happen in the next episode. Here's an example (it probably won't make sense to you guys since you don't know what happened before):

2) The actors are very talented
     About 95% of the acting is really good, and they all dance wonderfully and have amazing voices. 

3. The songs are really good
     They are. And they are catchy. This is one of the songs that the boy band sings. It's called Mi Princesa:

They even have some in English. Like this one called Underneath It All:

(More posts on this later)

4) It gets better as it goes on
     Okay, I will admit, that in the beginning, it's sorta meh. But, the acting gets A TON better by the time you finish the series. 

5) It teaches the consequences of lying
     As cheesy as it sounds, it does. It shows you that you can't lie and get away with it.

6) It shows that you have to live up to your actions
     The main character, Violetta, lies every now and then (and there is a fairly good reason for her doing it, she doesn't lie for no reason). But when she is discovered, she always lives up to her actions. She doesn't try to shirk from the consequences. 

7) It shows forgiveness
     Every time that someone messes up (like Violetta), they are forgiven. Because they are truly sorry.  And that really does happen in real life. After people see that you really are sorry, they do forgive you. 

8) It shows that you can complete your dreams if you work hard
     Which also happens in real life. The characters work really hard to become professional singers.

9) The cast isn't entirely bad looking
C'mon. They are pretty good looking. Especially Leon. <3

10) It has romance that isn't baby-like but not too mature
      Violetta and Leon date throughout the series (with a few breakups) but there are other couples. And Violetta and Leon together make a perfect pair. 
                                                      Am I right, or am I right?

11) It's funny
     Especially Andres, who - let's just say - isn't exactly known for his brains xD

12) There is good character development
     The characters really grow and develop as the series goes on. And it's really noticeable. (More posts on this later) 

13) You get really attached to the characters. 
     You really do! They really grow on you.

     Now that I've finally found a place to let out all my pent in fangirling, PLEASE GO WATCH IT. You won't regret it! And, if you have seen it, do you agree with my points? Disagree? thought of any more? 

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