One Week Down . . . (Update)

     Thirty left to go.

     I am going to die.

     Naaaah, just kidding :P Surprisingly, this first week of school hasn't been that bad. Granted, classes aren't back in full swing but if I could be this productive the rest of the year

     That would be amazing.

     So, I want to express my creativity (not) by doing an update post. Just telling you what I've been reading, writing, watching, and listening to. And yes, the first sentence of this paragraph was sarcasm.

     Told you I was sarcastic. 


I am having waaay too much fun with these gifs xD



     School-Wise: Exploring Creation With Biology, Jacobs Geometry, Henle Latin 1B, Mass and the Sacraments, The Founding of Christendom, and the Book of Daniel in the Bible
     Fun-Wise: Ella Enchanted, Fairest, Midnight Dancers, and the Return of the King visual guide


     School-Wise: The Nature of the Sacraments (not a lot of papers, yet . . .)

     Fun-Wise: The Crown of Light, 100 Days of Mercy, and the Courage to Hold On

     Blog-Wise: I currently have 14 (not counting this one) blog posts I'm working on. Two are for Ariella's Perspective (those two are actually done), 8 are for the Fellowship of the Ring Week, 1 is a Music Analysis, and 3 are book reviews. Ambitious, am I not? 


     Actually, nothing :P This vastly important 10th grader ain't got no time for watchin' notin'. 


    Okay, I've been mostly listening to the music from the Descendants movies (which I found on Spotify) but also some Lodovica Comello, CD9, Jorge Blanco, Dove Cameron, Violetta music, and Tini.

     Welp, that's basically all I've been up to. At least I was more faithful to posting than I pessimistically thought I would be xP.



  1. How are you liking Exploring Creation with Biology? That book was my favorite subject in 10th. (:

    1. For right now, I like it a lot! We just finished Module 1 and had to do experiment 1, that took a while. . .

    2. Haha! I don't think I ever actually did any of the experiments(shh!)... *insert halo emoji* :P But, Biology was definitely one of my favorites of all time! I really randomly loved learning more about botany(strange, huh?). I'm quite honestly considering minoring in botany in college, actually(I know, I'm weird). ;) The Biology tests are so simple, in my opinion. Made learning easier, lol. :P ;)


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