Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month: Septmeber

New idea!

So, every month, I'm going to choose someone to be the "Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month" and then have them answer some questions.

Got it?


The Reckless and Awesome Person of the Month for September is . . .


Yay! In the RAAC (reckless and awesome club) Lindsay is the mother, and I am privileged to be her daughter :D Well, to the questions! 

#1: What is the most reckless and awesome thing you have done? 

Answer: Hmm, that's a hard question. I'm not entirely sure. It was probably when I flipped off of an ATV (also known as four-wheeler or quad) when I was 12....I've also done several others of lesser reckless value, but that one's probably the best. Although it ended in a banged up head, cut lip, and chipped tooth. The doctor thought maybe I messed up a small section of my spine, but so far, I have had no issues, and we are thinking that after a week in a neck brace, it helped it heal if there was any problem at all.

#2: Corner or middle seat on the couch? 

Answer: This question has only one answer, and it really shouldn't be a question. ;) Corner seats are life. :P 

#3: Favorite book? Why? (yes, I’m evil :P) 

Answer: Well, I think the series I enjoyed the most was the Hunger Games. I loved the action throughout the entire series, the change from bad to good in the government, the romance, and the characters are great.

#4: Favorite school subject? Why? 

Answer: Right now I like Chemistry and Biology. I am not sure why, seeing as I have NEVER liked a science before in my life.

#5: Can you profess your undying love towards chocolate milk?

Answer: Chocolate milk is something that is constantly amazing. I am not even kidding. You can get chocolate milk for normal milk, and it's delicious. You can get chocolate almond milk and it increases the flavor immensely. Or there is even lactose-free chocolate milk, and THAT tastes like heaven. You literally can't ruin chocolate milk. It's always amazing.

#6: Favorite music genre? Artist? Song?

Answer: My favorite genre is country music, and second is pop. Favorite artist is Randy Houser, but a close second is the band AJR or Pentatonix. My favorite song is "Song Number 7" by Randy Houser. <3 

#7: Cats or dogs? Why? 

Answer: Dogs. For. Life. <3 Dogs are more dependent on people, so they are much easier to love on and have a relationship of sorts with them. They are almost always adorable (excepting chihuahuas). They aren't as sassy as cats. They are also much nicer than cats. I seriously don't understand how anyone would like cats more. :P

#8: Favorite Disney sidekick? Why? 

Answer: This. Is. A. Really. Hard. Question. I think I would have to say Mushu from Mulan because he's just too funny. I love his quotes, he is there for Mulan in the end, and he's also so sweet. He is the best.

(Ceci here, I just couldn't help inserting so many gifs :P)

#9: Favorite food? Why? 

Answer: I am going to hate you at the end of this interview, Chicka. ;) You ask too many terribly hard questions. Anyways. Pizza or hamburgers are my favorite. I like them really just can't go wrong with them, ya know? Pizza has a delicious crust, and you can put so many awesome toppings on it. Hamburgers just taste AMAZING. 

#10: Are you a nightingale or a morning bird? 

Answer: Nightingale all the way. Staying up late is so much fun. :) 

#11: Have you read LotR? If so, do you like it? 

Answer: Yes I have read LotR. I didn't like it very much when I read it, but that was because I really didn't have much respect for the writing style. I am going to re-read it at some point, and hopefully I'll like it better.

#12: Favorite LotR book and character? Why? 

Answer: Out of the books, I enjoyed the Two Towers the most, I think. My favorite character has always been Legolas, because....he's I need a better explanation? :P

#13: Have you seen the LotR movies? Which ones? Did you like it? 

Answer: I love every movie I've seen (except Snow White), so yes, I loved the movies. I need to watch those movies again, now that you bring them up. 

#14: Favorite movie and character? Why?

Answer: My favorite movie was probably Return of the King....yeah. And Legolas is my favorite movie character from LotR, for the same reason as why I like Legolas from the books. :P 

And that wraps up the interview. I hope you all enjoyed it, Lindsay is amazing! Bye!

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