~ September Wrap Up ~

Well, school has been beating me but sometimes I beat it (take note: sometimes). Overall it hasn't been going THAT bad but man, dividing polynomials are weird.

Violin is going pretty well. I have a competition in 4 weeks so somewhat freaking out. I have a solo in orchestra, playing violin 3 in Vivaldi's Violin Concerto for 4 violins.

Dance is also going fine.

I'm going to homecoming on the 20th so I'm VERY excited about that.

- The House Carpenter, Eleanor Tomlinson -

- Love Like This, Lauren Daigle -

- Cool Kids, Echosmith -

- I Like Me Better, Lauv -

- Escondida, Jorge Blanco -

An audiobook of A Noble Masquerade. Oh. My. Goodness. I loved the book but hearing it in the audiobook version almost makes it more hilarious xDDD


Cranford, Elizabeth Gaskell; Victoria: Portrait of a Queen, Catherine Reef; Heartless, Marissa Meyer; Everything She Didn't Say, Jane Kirkpatrick


Heartless: Well this book sure lived up to its name. It left me heartless. But it was also sooooo good. And it was heart-wrenching in like the good kind of way??

Everything She Didn't Say: This was sorta unexpected xD I had low expectations for this read for some reason?? Anywho, find my review here!


Cranford: I had seen the miniseries and really enjoyed it! I was slightly confused because I thought that this would also cover Dr. Harrison's dilemma and Lady Ludlow and all that jazz, but it was just about the good ol' ladies of Cranford.

Victoria: Portrait of a Queen: I absolutely love Queen Victoria, this is was a good book with some info not only on her but on the happenings at the time.



Books I Hope To Read This Month

Shelter of the Most High, Connilyn Cossette; Hidden Peril, Irene Hannon; The Ranchero's Love, Nancy J. Farrier; The Big House on Adam's Street, Alberta Sparks; Amish Celebrations, Beth Wiseman; Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell; The Centurions Wife, Jannet Oke & Davis Bunn; Victoria, Dasiy Goodwin; A Murder is Announced, Agatha Christie;  'Tis, Frank McCourt; Teacher Man, Frank McCourt; Junia, Michel E. Giesler; Grain of Wheat, Michael E. Giesler; An Inconvenient Beauty, Kristi Ann Hunter


Related image

Just started watching this and it is very good! (*coughskippingsomescenesofcoursecough*)


Image result for secretariat movie cover

We watched this with the fam and it is soo good xD I have to admit that my heart was pounding a few times!

The Crown

Image result for the crown  cover

On the second season of this and had to take a short break from it. It covers some pretty heavy material and isn't as light and fluffy as Victoria

Death Comes To Pemberley

Related image

I really liked this one xD I always enjoy seeing (or reading) what other people think happen after Jane Austen's novels. Too bad she didn't write sequels.

And some other things but I can't remember what they are............

I was working on my novella, but have put that to the side as I start to prep for Nano. I have the summary and the bare bones outline (so I have to go fill that out) and I've been plodding through worldbuilding.

I'm hoping to finish soon and get started on character sheets. I made crests for all my royals and I really like how they turned out.

I changed my blog look and domain so yay!!


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How was your September? Can you believe that there are only 3 months left in the year?? What are you most looking forward to this month?


  1. Not gonna lie, I stared at the cover of Poldark for a solid two minutes thinking, “Wait, isn’t that Kili????” *facepalm*

    Have fun at Homecoming! I’m going in a little over a month and a half for the first time ever. *cue instant panic*

    Hope you have a great October, and good luck with NaNo planning!

    1. XDD Yep, dats Aiden Turner. Never seen the Hobbit, but I like Aiden Turner here!

      *panics with Nicole* I'm like, super excited but at the same time nervous!

      Same to you!!!

  2. I keep meaning to watch The Crown.
    Good luck with your violin competition!

    1. It is pretty good! Like I said in my post, it is rather heavy so it can be difficult to binge watch sometimes.
      Thank you!!!

  3. I always thought Poldark looked kinda interesting, since it's Kili...and my trilogy features a red-haired MC. But I just haven't had any time to even think about watching movies.

    Okay, so I did get to watch The Princess Bride and The Guardians (Russian superhero movie) in September. But still. I've been busy.

    1. Poldark is reallly good! Demelza is BEAUTIFUL!! And I totally get you xD

      Lolol, I watched most of this stuff in the beginning of the month before school ate me :)

  4. No way! Congrats on playing Vivaldi's Violin Concerto for Four Violins!!! That is going to be awesome! I'm sure you'll do AWESOME in your solo. Best of luck! :-D

  5. OHMIGOSH THAT'S ADRIAN TURNER???????????????? Ok, ok, I knew it. I vaguely recognised him when I saw the commercial for Poldark. WOW that one went wayyy over my head. :D
    Great post as usual, Ceci! People, this girl wows me so much it's not even funny :P

    1. Lol, yep that's him xDDD Apparently he's Irish?? But he does this amazing guy-who-is-aristocracy-kinda-from-Cornwall-England accent.
      Thank you!

  6. Everything She Didn't Say sounds good!

    1. It was really good!! Thank you for commenting, Brooklyne!


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