Well, Lina here. Since I've been SHOVED IN A CORNER SO LONG, I decided to rebel and write a post all by myself. 

Naturally, that crazy woman wouldn't let me, but I'm doing it anyway. And it has been put off for quite some time *glares* BUT IT IS FINALLY HERE

Since I consider myself the "evil" (that child does not have an evil atom in her body tho, so not really evil) side of that person, I'm not doing one of her crazy, unorganized posts, but a post on my top 11 villains.


They will help me rule the world!!!

Kylo Ren

[Star Wars]

Related image

Darth Vader
[Star Wars]

Image result for darth vader

Mr. Willoughby
[Sense & Sensibility] 

Related image

Sir Louis

[Doctor Thorne]

Image result for Sir Louis doctor thorne

Thomas Barrow
[Downton Abbey]

Image result for thomas barrow

Carter Doone

[Lorna Doone]

Related image

The White Witch
[The Chronicles of Narnia]

Image result for the white witch narnia


[The Goose Girl]

Image result for selia, the goose girl quotes
(there was none of Selia so I found this)

Darth Sidious

[Star Wars]

Image result for darth sidious

Queen Levana

[The Lunar Chronicles]

Image result for queen levana
(again, no photo, but I found this)


[Lord of the Rings]

Image result for sauron

Yep, these guys will help me take over the wooooooooooorld

*an unsuspecting Ceci comes in*

*sees what's written above*

I swear

I had nothing to do with that. . 

But I would like to point out to Lina that some of these "villains" are (or will be) redeemed


  1. Replies
    1. xDD My "evil side" finally got her hearts desire xDD

  2. Ah, good ol' villains. Gotta love them and their passion to improve the world.

  3. *scheming* Great post! AT LONG LAST WE NOW KNOW HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS!!! Honestly, though, books just teach us how to kill people and how to take over the world.....

  4. Nice list! I think Kylo Ren is more of an anti-hero.

  5. Ahhhh, poor Lina. She got put off so long! I have to agree with Ceci, though, and say that yeah, most of 'em aren't bad for long! :D


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