Why We March: Lindsay

Lindsay is a junior with Mother of Divine Grace.

The moment a woman conceives a child in her womb, that child is alive. He/she is a human being that God has created to serve a purpose in life. Due to abortion, that child will never know what that purpose was. The children that these people are killing could have been saints. They could have been AMAZING people that were going to change the world, but their mothers decided that they don't get to even see light. That is cruel, heartless, and terrible beyond explanation. We are simple humans, and we barely know anything, but some of us apparently think we can choose when a child's life is going to end. This is wrong. It is SO wrong. No one but God has the ability to take someone from this world. I learned that children who are unborn or die close to birth and haven't had the chance to be baptized don't even go to heaven, but go somewhere on the edge of it called Limbo. These children don't even get to see God after this terrible thing happens. The poor children! Abortion is a violent action that cannot be justified. People say babies aren't people until they're born. What makes them any less human than the rest of us? They grow and form, just like we do, so that they can come into the world and serve their purpose. They are not there for you to decide whether they get to live a life or not. Abortion is such a horrible choice to make in life and we need to fight against the people that think it's okay. I march to stomp their evil thoughts into nothing. Life is precious and we need to treat it as such.


  1. That's the worst bit about abortion - innocent souls being denied the Beatific Vision.

    Even if the baby is doomed to die, it doesn't help anyone to hurry the process. Haste makes waste.

  2. Babies are alive from the moment of conception, and life is precious! Thank you so much for sharing.


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