Why We March: Eric

Eric is a senior with Mother of Divine Grace.

I march for the poor MURDERED human beings who cannot defend their lives, but are preyed upon without any say in the matter. Precautions, especially in our day and age, can be taken to not have children, and if you are going to slaughter your innocent child then you should take them. If someone shoots another person, people react in horror and shock, demanding justice to be done to this person, this killer. Murder carries a heavy sentence. Life in prison. The rest of your life to be spent in custody in a penitentiary. This is dealt out many times a year (about 15 thousand times in the U.S.). But how many more times more are children aborted? 652,639!!! And since 1970, there are more than 44,498,750 babies killed. FORTY FOUR MILLION. FORTY FOUR MILLION. I repeated that, because the amount of people that that is is staggering to the mind. Simply count to 44. See how long this takes you, counting one every 24 to 48 HOURS, seeing that that is how long the killing of a baby takes. Then multiply that. One million times. THAT is why I march. To PROTECT humanity from this BRUTALITY AND MURDER. These selfish, stupid, misled, evil, heartless people must be stopped. They just must. 

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  1. AMEN!! It's good to see guys supporting life as well as the girls. Every voice counts!!



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