Why We March: Joy

Joy is a sophomore with Mother of Divine Grace.

I am pro-life for two reasons. One, abortion itself in general is wrong. Two, I can personally relate because I'm adopted.
Abortion is wrong on so many levels. The person who has an abortion is pretty much murdering their child whether they know it or not. You would be lying if you denied that there is an actual human being in the mother's womb and if you believe in the lie that it is only a blob of tissue, then let me ask this question. How does this so called, “blob of tissue” transform into a baby when it is born? How does it receive the gift of life?
I was born in China during the time that the government restricted the amount of children a family could have. Several days after I was born, I was found on the steps of an orphanage. My parents most likely left me because they didn't have enough money to care for me and if they did happen to have another child, having me would've been breaking the law. Breaking this law of having more than one child has serious consequences so my birth mom risked a lot just to be pregnant with me and give birth. I cannot express how grateful I am to my birth parents for choosing life. I have a loving family and some of the most amazing friends who I just love with all of my heart.

These are my reasons for being pro-life and I'm proud of it.


  1. I'm pro life too, it's so sad to see these people who are brainwashed to believe that it isn't taking a life. :/
    I can only pray that God will show the truth one day.

  2. Wow!! Joy's story is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, Ceci!!!


  3. I'm pro-life as well! This story was so wonderful. <3


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