Why We March: Emilia

I asked some of the people in my school to tell us why they march, and this one comes from Emilia who's a junior with Mother of Divine Grace

'I march because everyone deserves a chance.  I once wrote a song when I was much younger; here are some of the lyrics.
“He could have had a chance
He could’ve made a change
But you cut him off
Before he could even try”
This song is dedicated to all children who have been aborted, past, present, and future.
 So many of these children could’ve been doctors who cured cancer, or missionaries who traveled and brought Jesus to people who had never heard His name.  They could’ve been fathers, mothers, priests, presidents…they could’ve been so many beautiful, honorable things.  But they weren’t given the opportunity.  Because they were 'inconvenient'.  Because they were unwanted.
I march for these babies who don’t have a voice.  I march so that all of them, planned or unplanned, can live and die according to God’s hand.  Not a doctor’s. 
 I march for the future, a future that loves life and embraces it at every stage.  I march for love, and I march for life.


  1. AMEN.

    I'm about to put up my own pro-life post on Working by Candlelight soon.

    By the way, there is this rising author I know from Goodreads that is writing a story about a dystopian society and abortion. It's still a work in progress, but I highly encourage you guys to go and check this story out. Here is the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/128073335-the-way-we-rule-the-world.

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