Throwing In the Towel + Book Tour

Before we go any further, let me make clear that I'm talking about just not working on a story anymore and not totally quitting writing altogether.

Everyone feels uninspired sometimes with their writing. They wouldn't be human if inspiration pumped 24/7. But we all get past those writer's block.

What if that block stayed there?

For over a year.

I honestly thought that since I had already finished the novel, the rest wouldn't be so bad. I knew that editing was going to be hard but this was torturous.

I had ideas.

I had commitment.

I just hated it.

I loved my characters to itty-bitty pieces (I had started this novel when I was around eleven) and even though the writer is awful I could see potential in it.

Then why did I itch to write something else every time I sat down to edit it?

Why would I rather be dreaming up a whole new novel instead of working on my baby?

"You just have writer's block," I told myself, "It'll pass. Just keep working on it."

But I had to stop.

I would have hated the whole thing if I didn't. I wouldn't be able to find potential in it if I carried on. I wouldn't be able to look at it as the pride of my childhood.

So I stopped.

It's still in it's four small notebooks, never to see the light of day again.

I'll admit that I'm a bit sad to see what has happened. I remember dreaming of signing a publishing contract for it, casting the movie, and writing sequels for ages to come. But that book is what got me started on my writing journey. I doubt that I would be writing at this time if it hadn't been for that book.

I thought I was going to miss the characters, but then I had an idea: I was going to save it.

No, I'm not going to keep working on that first draft.

I'm just taking some of the characters, the time period (Civil War), and converting it into a whole new story. Because I am so invested in my main character. I hated her in that story but I loved her apart. And she will see the light of day.

What about the rest of the story?

Maybe I'll show it to my future descendants and say, "I never saved this story, but it started me on this whole voyage."

Now, a very dear friend of mine is self-publishing a book, and she's asked me to help her organize a book tour. So, if you're interested, just scroll down to my "Contact Me" gadget and shoot me a message!

Have you ever had a story that you just had to stop? How did it make you feel? Are you interested in doing the blog tour?


  1. Hey, I’ve been there before! It hurts to put stuff aside. But I’ve also made some amazing stuff by recycling dumped WIPs.

    I’d be up for the blog tour except I’ve been hit by a ton of work and what with Camp and the 100-4-100, I’m swamped. Otherwise I’s totally sign up!!

    1. That's good to know! It is really hard, especially since this was the first story I completed.

      Well, due to monetary issues (my friend has to pay for everything herself) it turns out that we're not doing a book tour :/

  2. I totally get what you mean, sometimes you feel like you need to stop working on a project for whatever reason, but it can be so hard to leave behind characters and a story that have been part of your life for so long... Sometimes you just have to accept that a WIP just isn't going to work out (especially if it's a story that you started when you were much younger and a less experienced writer) and move on. Writing a new story featuting the same characters sounds like a really good idea, I did something similar at some point 😊 good luck with your writing!

    Andrea @

    1. Thank you Andrea! That was really inspirational actually! Good luck to you too :)

  3. This is so relatable, I hate that feeling, but sometimes it is for the best to stop and move on. Maybe one day you can use themes from your wip in future novels, you never know. <3

    I'm not sure if I'll sign up for the tour #busyness&finickyinternet but I'll think about it and sort through some stuff!

    1. Yep! I've actually come up with an idea that uses a lot of the characters and themes from the story I've had to put away :)

      Like I told Julian above, my friend doesn't have enough money to do a book tour :(( Which is kinda sad because she's an AMAZING writer! But hopefully people will still get the book :)


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