The Orphan's Wish {Book Review}

From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes an inspired retelling of the beloved folk tale Aladdin.
Orphaned and alone, Aladdin travels from the streets of his Arab homeland to a strange, faraway place. Growing up in an orphanage, he meets young Lady Kirstyn, whose father is the powerful Duke of Hagenheim. Despite the difference in their stations, Aladdin quickly becomes Kirstyn’s favorite companion, and their childhood friendship grows into a bond that time and opposition cannot break.
Even as a child, Aladdin works hard, learning all he can from his teachers. Through his integrity, intelligence, and sheer tenacity, he earns a position serving as the duke’s steward. But that isn’t enough to erase the shame of being forced to steal as a small child—or the fact that he’s an orphan with no status. If he ever wants to feel equal to his beautiful and generous friend Kirstyn, he must leave Hagenheim and seek his fortune.
Yet once Aladdin departs, Lady Kirstyn becomes a pawn in a terrible plot. Now, Aladdin and Kirstyn must rely on their bond to save her from unexpected danger. But will saving Kirstyn cost Aladdin his newfound status and everything he’s worked so hard to obtain?
An enchanting new version of the well-known tale, The Orphan’s Wish tells a story of courage and loyalty, friendship and love, and reminds us what “family” really means.
Sorry I that I have two book reviews in a row but I needed to get this out...writerly post on Thursday!

I love how their relationship progressed. It wasn't SNAP YOU'RE IN LOVE MWAHAHAHAHA (although insta-love can work in some cases)(coughthesirencoughcough). But I really love romances that start with the characters being best friends first because, honestly, isn't that who you should be looking to marry? Your best friend? Anyways, like all of Melanie Dickerson's books, the romance is totally swoon-worthy!

All of the side characters are really good! Herr Kaufmann, Grethel, Abu, everyone! (not counting cameo appearances here because they will get their own section!) Everyone was well done and quite believable! Although Herr Kaufmann was really weak-minded whenever his son was around and Grethel sometimes got on my nerves because, YA KNOW, SHE WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHIP.

The plot also had me hooked! Although it happens over a greater extent of time than most of the other Melanie Dickerson books (maybe the Golden Braid was over a greater period of time...) It also wasn't as action-packed as say, The Captive Maiden. It was still very enjoyable!

This may be one of my favorite aspects of Melanie Dickerson's books, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW THEY'RE ALL LINKED. OH MY GOODNESS. FANGIRL MOMENT. BUT. I'VE MANAGED TO LINK THE HAGENHIEM SERIES TO THE MEDIEVAL ONE!!! (that part in The Golden Braid when Gerek says that he would go all the way to Thornbeck if needed. DO YOU KNOW WHO'S IN THORNBECK??? A CERTAIN GROUCHY MARGRAVE THAT I LOVE!! (yes, I do admit to loving Reinhart more than Jorgen, and Steffan comes in a close second BUT THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY)) So if you want to get little inside jokes and things, I would suggest reading them in order!

So I think that this book had the weakest plot out of all of them. It reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally dragged in the beginning, then it picked up, then it dragged again, AND THEN YOU KNOW, SOMEONE FOUND SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU'RE LIKE YAY!!! IT'S ALMOST OVER!! but then you see that there are like a hundred more pages and you're just like wut.....I think that Melanie Dickerson did drag a lot on this book, and so that's kinda a downside for me.

The villain was rather unbelievable. I know that villains are SUPPOSED to be evil and have evil intentions but this guy was rather ridiculous. Like, no one is going to believe your lie about Aladdin, so why do you rest everything on that?

Random things peeve me, and one of the things that did that for me in this book was Kirstyn's treatment to Aladdin when they got back to Hagenhiem. Honestly, I think Kirstyn (besides Odette) is my least favorite of Melanie Dickerson's heroines.

There is some kissing, but that's towards the end, and it really isn't that much. I'm trying to think of anything else but that's all that comes to mind.

One of the side-characters is physically abused (not very detailed) by the villain and it's clear that she's trapped in a bad relationship with said villain.

And some minor descriptions of injuries.

Ever since I read the rest of Melanie Dickerson's books, I've been wanting to read this one. Was it worth the wait? I think so. That's why I'm giving it a............

4-star rating!!!!

Have you read any of Melanie Dickerson's books before? Which one was your favorite? Who was your favorite hero? Heroine? Did you think that this plot dragged out a little bit also?

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