A Tale of Two Friends: Ariella's Perspective

     So, my best friend and I started this story over a year ago. I finished the rough draft of this, but it's all on paper. The story is basically about the lives of two friends, and my friend and I each chose a friend. Hope you enjoy it!

A Tale of Two Friends: Ariella's Perspective


If you travel a long, long way into the south of the Dakota Territory, you will find a small, flourishing town. And the name of this town is Cedarville. It is a small, sleepy town. Not much excitement happens there. The most exciting thing that has happened in ten years is bandits.
Although it is a small town, it does not lack style. The most prominent man in this town is named William Lisson. This being said, he is not a snobby man. No, he and his wife, Alice, are fine, generous people.
But not all people are this prosperous. David Whitney’s farm has been hit with several misfortunes. Although it is nothing too grave, they cannot afford the luxuries that other families have.
The births of two small girls helped make this small sleepy town exciting. But this story is about one of those two, and her name is Ariella Seraphina Whitney.
Sooooooo.....whadaya think? Please tell me! Thanks!


  1. Ooh, looking good! I really, really like the first sentence -- a good first sentence is always so nice, and this one is so homey and makes you feel like you're actually traveling down into the Dakota territory. I love atmospheric writing. :) Keep it up!

    (Also, I just looked at your profile on Blogger and AAAAHHHH IT LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!! <3 :))


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