13 Reasons Why . . . You Should Read When Calls the Heart

     This is literally one of my favorite books. The TV series is pretty popular, but I don't think quite enough attention goes to the book itself. So, without further ado, here are

13 Reasons Why You Should Read When Calls the Heart

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     1) Wynn and Elizabeth
     Their relationship progress very well towards the end of the book. (*SPOILER COMING UP*) I just wish that Elizabeth had found out the Lydia wasn't Wynn's wife a little earlier. Or that there was a bit more after the train scene.
    2)  The mounties
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      Need I say more?
  3) WYNN
     Basically the same reason for the mounties. But, there's just something about WYNN that makes you - ugh, it's hard to explain. You kinda need to read the book to understand it. Wynn is just so strong, tall, . . . handsome . . . If I were to say one reason for reading this book, I would say: WYNN.
     Now go read the book. Just kidding, finish reading this first.
  4) It's really good historical fiction
    Janette Oke just transports you back in time. And you can just picture everything in your mind! But more on this later . . . 
    5) Elizabeth's progress 
    At the beginning of the book, she's a city girl. But by the end, she can do A LOT more on her own. True, she hasn't got it all down, but there is noticeable progress
   6) Else and Lars
    They're just so cute! Else is just a dear, and Lars - Lars is just perfect.
  7) It has religion very well integrated into it
     Elizabeth prays a lot, and there's also a lesson about guilty consciences (*thinks about ankles and what I just said*) (*starts laughing*) IT'S AN INSIDE JOKE. YOU'LL GET IT ONCE YOU READ THE BOOK.
   8) It's VERY well written
     As I was saying before, Oke just transports you back into those times. You can see Wynn in his red serge jacket (*sighs dreamily*). Elizabeth almost burning down the schoolhouse (*chokes on laughter*) And how the residents of Pine Springs  (I almost wrote Pine Valley, WRONG WCTH)
  9) Kathleen
    Sorta the same with Else, you just want to SQUEEZE her to death.
 10) The Box Social Scene
    Just to see what Elizabeth's thinking while Wynn is bidding for her box is priceless (this makes a lot more sense when you read the book)
  11) The Bear Scene
  12) The Scene Where Elizabeth Leaves
    I CAN'T SAY WHY EITHER (I'm just going to spoil a small part, she doesn't actually leave BUT I WON'T SAY WHY!!!)
 13) Elizabeth's fight with the mice
    It's just funny watching her try and get rid of the mice XD

    Now that I gave you 13 Reasons Why You Should Read When Calls the Heart, go read it! Once you do, tell me what you think of it! And those who have read it, tell me if you agree with my reasons or if I should add/change some. 

(I also realize that the indention is all over the place, so please forgive me for this :P)


  1. The look of your blog is really pretty; I really like it. :)

    And this! Haha! I think the book is much better than the TV series *aHEM* but that's another story . . . Welllll, I guess I don't think it's THAT much BETTER, it's just . . . so different.

    But anyway. Yes, I liked this book very much indeed, and should reread it one of these days. I also seem to remember liking the second book in the series a lot, too. :D

    Great blog, Cecilia! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks! I'm fairly new to this blogging business :D

  3. Yes. The ankles.
    And the bit when she first sees him in town?
    *makes high pitched noise*

    I have a friend who loves the TV show but has never read the book. And so I can't fangirl with her. :(

    1. YES. THE. ANKLES.
      I remember when Wynn said afterwards that he "had never enjoyed anything as much" that I was squealing in my fangirl head! AND YES, THE PART WHERE SHE FIRST SEES HIM O_O I LOVE IT

      Awww. I have a lot of friends who have seen the Tv series, so we fangirl over that. And then I'm like, "OH OH OH OH OH THE BOOK IS ALSO AMAZING AND AWESOME" and they give me the look of "We have no idea what you are talking about, calm down child."


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