/ / March Wrap-Up \ \

Life has been........Life.

This was such a crazy month, I was sick for the first week, and we thought it was mono but THANKFULLY it was not. Someone broke my violin bow but we were able to repair it.

I officially visited my first college! It was amazing and a really good thing that I did, because I was not going to apply there even though it is about 45 minutes away from I live, but now it is my second choice college! I went to the official "Junior Visit Day" and they gave us t-shirts which are soooo comfy. But I'm planning on visiting another college soon, and another one soon after that as well as (hopefully) two up north in the beginning of the summer.

Prom is next weekend and I am readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I got my dress and shoes and a friend's aunt is coming to do our hair and make-up and ahhhhhhhhhh

I think that's all that was really of interest this month.......


'Tis, Frank McCourt; Far Side of the Sea, Kate Breslin; Teacher Man, Frank McCourt; The Old Curiosity Shop, Charles Dickens; Princess Ben, Catherine Gilbert Murdock; Richard the Third, Paul Murray Kendall; The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Mary Ann Shaffer

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: This book was so. good. I just really loved it soooooooo much!

Far Side of the Sea: Banter, spies, historical fiction, honestly my perfect book xD Read my review here!


'Tis: It was interesting to keep reading about Frank McCourt's life, I enjoyed Angela's Ashes and it took me a while to find a copy of this book (library sales are amazing)

Teacher Man: I really liked reading about McCourt's teaching days. His writing style always keeps you hooked.

The Old Curiosity Shop: I have been reading this book off and on since I turned 13. THAT'S THREE YEARS. It's not that I don't like Dickens (I managed to get through Hard Times pretty quickly) but there was just no real connection with me and this book. I still liked it though.

Richard the Third: This was for school, why else would I read this over-five-hundred-pages biography of one of the most falsely-characterized men in history? Really changed my opinion on him though.


Princess Ben: The only thing that kept me from hating this book was the last fourth. Honestly, I understand making your characters "human" but Ben was just hateable.

Without Me / Cry Me A River // Cimorelli

A Hero Comes Home // Idina Menzel

Mansion // NF

Rainbow // Savannah Outen

Gilmore Girls

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I am soooo in love with series but... JESS WHY

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

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Reading the book made me itch to watch the movie again. *sigh* still as lovely as I remember it

I am ALMOST done my novella, and I'm trying to get it done before Camp Nano. ONLY THREE MORE CHAPTERS TO GOOOOO

I am so excited xDD

I will probably start looking for beta readers at the end of next month, since a lot of people do Camp Nano and yeah xD

Finally got back into blogging again! It is nice to be back after a break!

This Month's Posts:

How was your March? What are you looking forward to in April? Would you guys be terribly put out if I possibily did a post on Richard the Third?


  1. That's so fun that you got to visit your first college! It seems like such a long time ago since I read TGLAPPPS, and I want to see the movie but haven't been able to yet. Yes, I would read your post on Richard the Third! Have fun at prom!

    1. It was fun! (and rather mind-blowing :P) Lol, it took me a moment to figure out what that abbreviation was but the book is soooo good and YES WATCH THE MOVIEEE. Hmm....maybe I will write a post on Richard III. And I will xDD

  2. Oh, boy, the college visits have begun . . . Good luck! :) And have fun at prom!

    1. Haha yeppp.....

      Both excited and wishing I was back in kindergarden

      Thank you! I will!

  3. Glad you had a good month! Have fun at prom!


  4. Ooh, I'm glad you didn't have mono and got better!

    That's so exciting about college visits!! :D

  5. Yeah, having mono would have been AWFUL.

    It is!!!


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