Writing Wednesdays: Dante and Tasha Hope + Camp Nano Update

About Them As Individual's

Tasha Hope Ivring

A song that represents them

My Heart Will Go On

Character's Backstory

Tasha has a rather tragic early childhood (well, not as tragic as some of my other character's backstories but still tragic). Since this is a Cinderella re-telling (haha, how is that going to work???) I made sure to get rid of the mother (haha why???). Okay, so, Tasha Hope's (she goes by Tasha tho) mom (also named Tasha) met Tasha's dad Mark. So Tasha (the mother) was a really famous dancer and Mark was the owner of a large company that made dance-wear (pointe shoes, leotards, tights, costumes, you get the picture). Anywho, Mark is several years older (twenty to be precise) than Tasha and they don't really marry for love?? (Tasha marries him because she was infatuated with his wealth, Mark marries her because he was infatuated with her). Anywho, they are on the brink of divorce when they discover Tasha is pregnant. [Enter Tasha Hope]. Short-story-even-shorter, Tasha (the mother) runs away with a fellow dancer and files for divorce. So it's just Mark and Tasha (the daughter) (WHY DID I GIVE TWO CHARACTERS THE SAME NAME????) until Mark marries Katherine Chandler who has two daughters, Hailey and Aubrey. Mark dies and our story begins.

Biggest Dream

Her biggest dream is to find her mother again.

Worst Fear

Finding her mother again.


She doubts that her mother loves her

That she is a good enough dancer

That she is smart enough

That she is kind enough

That she is too selfish


To calm herself down before performing, she has to recite the alphabet backward

She can recite the periodic table by memory

She hates gummy bears

She is a sucker for romance books


She's an amazing dancer

Her best subject is biology

She can make almost anyone smile

Dante Cummings

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A song that represents them

Me, Who Am I?

Character's Backstory

Okay (*coughs*) so, Dante's life hasn't been all that easy also. I still haven't fleshed out all his details but this is basically the story. He has a younger sister (who's basically the fairy-godmother) (I have a thing for snarky little sisters) named Maybel. Anywho, his parents fight a lot. His mom is a huge fashion designer (this is a bery important detail) and his dad.....um....does something. But yeah. His parents stay together but it's obvious that it's for show. Oh, and he also dances but his dad thinks it's for football (which is what Dante's dad wants him to do) but Dante loves to dance.

Biggest Dream


Worst Fear

Disappointing his parents



If he's good enough

If his parents really love him for him

If he can protect his sister

If he really knows himself


He secretly loves Jane Austen

He doesn't like ice cream




Teasing his sister (it's a legitimate talent)

About Them As a Couple

A song that represents them

Bless the Broken Road

How they met

They met because Tasha tutors Maybel in biology and coaches her in dance. They also go to the same school and after Tasha's dad dies, she takes more dance classes (Dante is in several of those new classes)


They both dance and care maybe a little too much for other people


So Tasha is really quiet and not that popular while Dante is pretty outgoing and popular

Did they start off on the wrong foot




Can I answer that question later?

Did they start out as friends


Who realized that they were in love/like first



I think?

How do they help each other

Dante makes Tasha more outgoing and Tasha anchors Dante down. He pushes her to new limits and she is a rock that he can reach out for stability.

Project: The Moon


Goal: 25,000

Words Written: 12,281

Words Left: 12,719

Notes: Y'ALL





Character of the Week: CHRISTOPHER HARRIS

19 years old. His birthday is November 9th.  His brother is Jack Harris. He’s a senior. He lives with his father. Every now and then, he stays with his mother. He is the goalie for the Mockingbirds varsity soccer team. He is the founder of the band The Outcasts and is the lead singer/guitarist for it.


“Hurry up, J! We’re going to be late!” Gerald yelled from downstairs.
“Almost!” Joanna paused to give her eyeliner the finishing touch, “Done!”
Uncapping her mascara, she ran the brush over her top eyelashes. And then did the same for the bottom ones. Studying her reflection in the mirror, Joanna deemed herself ready to go.
“Let’s go,” she sang out as she sat in the passenger seat of her brother’s car. Gerald rolled his eyes and started the engine.
“What do you think about Emilie?” Joanna asked as they drove down the street.
“She’s pretty-”
“Is that all you guys think about?”
“No!” Gerald gave her a sharp look, “You didn’t let me finish! She’s pretty and she looks really talented. She’s a great addition to the team.”
“Well, with Stanley and Janice Stanton as her parents, of course she’s going to be an amazing addition!” she gasped, “Do you think she’ll tell us of some of her parent’s missions?!”
“You can ask her.”
Joanna squealed. “I will! I don’t have her in any of my classes but I’ll ask her at lunch or at band practice.”
“She’s part of The Outcasts?”
“Yeah. Today is our first practice with her.”
As they pulled into the school parking lot, Joanna spotted Emilie’s car already there. A few cars down, Jack leaned against his car and laughed alongside her.
“Is it me,” Gerald said slyly, shutting the car door, “Or is Jack totally into her?”
Joanna studied the pair. “Oh yeah,” she confirmed, “He’s into her.”
“What?” she whipped her head to look at her brother.
“Jack hasn’t liked a girl in forever. I can finally tease him.”
“You are such a,” Joanna searched for the right adjective to describe her brother.
“A what?” Gerald prompted.
“A boy!”
“No way!” he feigned mock horror, “I would have never guessed!”
“But I have bad news.”
“What?! We ran out of ice cream!”
Joanna punched him playfully. “I think Christopher likes her too.”
Gerald cackled evilly. Giving him a concerned look, she said, “What is it? Something bad is going on if you use your Darth Sidious laugh.”
“This is going to be so much fun to watch.”
The sibling duo had reached Jack and Emilie at that point, so Joanna wasn’t able to ask him what he meant.
Hey guys!” Gerald said, giving Jack a fist-bump, “What’s up?”
“Eh,” Jack shrugged, Joanna hugged Emilie, “Nothing much. Em and I were just talking about how hilarious Mr. Ortega is.”
“Oh my gosh,” Joanna laughed, “I have him in my third period, he cracks the best jokes!”
“Did he tell you guys the toe one?” Emilie asked.
“No! Tell!”
“Okay,” Emilie laughed and cleared her throat, “So it went like this: What did one cell say to his sister cell when she stepped on his toe? Ouch, Mitosis!”
There was a brief pause before everyone burst out into laughter.
“Oh, gosh,” Gerald wiped away a tear in the corner of his eye, “That’s one of the jokes that’s so bad it’s good.”
“Mr. Ortega is the best,” Joanna laughed. Then something Jack had said a few minutes ago snagged her attention.
“Wait,” she said, “Jack, what did you call Emilie?”
“Um,” he looked extremely confused, “I called her Em. Why?”
“You nicknamed her?”
She pressed her hands to her face and gave a soundless scream. Both Jack and Emilie turned red.
“J,” Gerald said in mock-sternness, “leave them alone.”
“But it’s begging me to tease them!”
“I’m going to class,” Emilie began to inch away once the first bell rang. Joanna hooked her arm around Emilie's.
“We’re going to have a girl-chat,” Joanna announced. Emilie shot the boys a look that clearly said, ‘I’m being kidnapped. HELP!!!’ as Joanna dragged her away.
“I am allowed to be slightly panicked?” she asked.
“Yes,” Joanna replied immediately.
“So what did you want to ‘girl-chat’ about?”
“Do you like Jack?”
“Um, of course I do.”
Joanna gave her a hard stare and Emilie spluttered.
“Oh!” she exclaimed, “You mean like him, like him?”
“Duh! Do you?”
“Do you like Christopher?”
The tops of Emily's ears went red.
“Maybe,” was all she said. Joanna squealed.
“I am so happy! Christopher needs a good girlfriend. His last one was awful.
“Hold your horses!” Emilie stopped walking and held her hands up in protest, “No one said anything about dating he-who-shall-not-be-named. I just said that I might, - hear that? MIGHT - like him.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Joanna waved her hand, “It always starts like that. You’ll see.”

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