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And here's a snippet from Courage for Those Who Have None

We walked quickly through the halls, my green dress swishing around my ankles. I was nervous. The only times I ever saw Miles was at dinner, and even then there were always several people between us. Did he think me a coward and dull like other people did? Once we neared the garden where Miles was, I grew so nervous that I stepped on my hem, dropping my pencils and paper.
I crouched to pick up my dropped items, and one could imagine my surprise when a hand handed me a stack of papers. Looking up, I saw Miles’s blue eyes staring into mine. I blushed and took the papers from.
“So Caity,” Jules said, “How do you want us posed?”
“However you want,” I mumbled, looking down.
“Maybe something with our swords?” Miles suggested.
I looked at Jules, my eyes begging him to say no. Jules nodded to me.
“Why don’t we have Caittriona sketch us playing a game of chess?” Jules said.
Miles grinned and nodded. A servant came with a chess board. The boys placed it on the grass and sat down. I began drawing.
Miles and Jules had a fun conversation. They were both of merry disposition, and enjoyed making jokes and laughing at them. At first, I tried to hide my smile. Then I smiled. A laugh followed the smile, and soon I was part of the conversation.

We were talking merrily – my drawing being long done – when two people strolled into the garden. I froze, but the boys continued on. It was Mother and Father. I looked down, pretending to put some finishing touches on my drawing. Then I mumbled something about there being a draft, and took off towards the castle.


  1. Ahhhhh! I really like this, Ceci! Nothing like forbidden encounters :)


  2. Ooh, I'm so intrigued! This sounds like a great story, and I'd like to read more. :) Thanks for sharing, Ceci!

    1. I'm hoping to post more details on it! I really like where it is going :D

  3. Ooh, I love that snippet! Is there going to be more of that story later ;)?


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