Bucket List

..That I will probably never complete :P But, let's go!

Last Updated: 9/4/18

1. Meet a famous author
2. Meet MoDG friends Completed 6/5/18
3. Go to the MoDG dance
4. Go to the March For Life
5. Finish Courage for Those Who Have None
6. Publish a book
7. Own all the Star Wars movies
8. Own all of the Lord of the Rings movies
9. Own all of the Books of Bayern
10. Post 100 times on this blog
11. Pray outside of an abortion clinic
12. Attend a formal dance
13. Finish Nano Wrimo
14. Own all of Melanie Dickerson's books


  1. You don't own all the Lord of the Rings movies? How do you live? :D


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